TJH 586: Poles and Spokes


“You can’t run over people, what the fuck is wrong with you?”

What the fuck do you even think you know about this? Switching it up left and right, bringing in whoever the fuck we want to talk at your face. We talk hard, and you listen well, so that’s good. On tonight’s episode I have a few of our most favorite people on Google+ discussing the globe’s hot button issues. Just sit back and listen and when we get around to making another episode, you’ll be able to hear it. Now read some notes.

Let’s welcome Ant Pruitt, Robert Marshall, and Allan Laboucan to the Jamhole. This is going to be fun.

Age ain’t nothing but a number. When my friend listens to this, he’ll feel much better. Not that he felt weird about it in the first place, but you know what I mean.

Now let’s talk about insecurity. Speaking of, did you see the new South Park? Love it.

Please stop spreading the pavement skiing trend. It’s stupid and I wish you would just stop it.

Ant makes it really hard to be friends with him. He doesn’t have a Facebook account. Someone should make him one. What’s your beef with Facebook brah? This erupts into a great discussion about social media in general. I apologize for that.

I thought all Canadians were white. Maybe it’s just the Canadians around here.

Black people don’t like snow. News flash. Let me ask you this, do you guys feel obligated to vote for Obama? I think this turns into a somewhat politically focused discussion.

We have a couple of great Florida stories for you. The Governor of Florida apparently gave out the wrong number for a meningitis outbreak hotline. Look at his face in this picture.

In other Florida news, this dude died after eating roaches and worms for some contest. I’m once again amazed at the things people will do to win a contest.

On to some gay news, there was this Christian who lived as the gays do for a whole year. +1 for religion! Living as a gay man, what does that even mean?

Speaking of religion, how can you be gay and still be a christian? That does not compute for me for some reason. Also we learn that if you’re a young gay kid, you can pretty much make it through life being the paid play toy for some older rich gay dude. Crazy right?

Is blasphemy still a thing? It sure as fuck is if you live in the Middle East.

Let’s learn about Canadian Indians. It never even occurred to me that is a real thing. See, we’re all learning. These are the ramifications of a couple hundred years of genocide. In Canada.

This is a classic boy who cried wolf story. Be careful, next time there might be zombies ahead.

Most people don’t like people anymore, unless it’s on social networks. Personally, I’d rather just +1. Don’t text and drive… Unless you’re good at it.

If you want to hear more from Allan, he’s on with some great shows about tech stocks and whatnot.

Robert Marshall makes shirts. He makes shirts that make guys look good. Check this out.

Of course Ant Pruitt is part of the YATS crew and writes on aNewDomain.

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