TJH 589: Guns and Pitbulls


You guys know what fire drills are?

The End of the world has come and gone. This is the end, or at least certain people in certain communities thought this might be the end. Nay, it was not. But we have a special end of the world sort of episode for you right here. Apocalypse not at all. We have Duncan, Kdog, and Tyler in the studio for this fun filled informative episode. Keep reading for links to what we discuss. Keep in mind, this was our end of the world party, so it’s kind of a shit show. If you want normal Jamhole goodness, check the next episode.

Fuck it.

God doesn’t go where he’s not wanted. It kind of makes you wish there was a school shooting in a private school just to show these assholes. People say the weirdest shit when tragedy strikes.

Question, if we didn’t believe hard enough to stop the school shooting, yet we DID happen to believe enough to prevent the apocalypse….. WTF is god doing?

Duncan wasn’t making this up. Bath Michigan has a Wiki entry for Bath School disaster.

Hitler and the gun control lie. I guess the picture has it wrong. Salon has an interesting article about it here.

Chesherfuss in the chat posts a link to the top ten worst school shootings.

The pope’s twitter handle is Pontifex. Now do you feel better? I can’t believe I forgot what that was.

Let’s talk about what the Vatican has to say about the End of the World 2012.

There was also a school district in Michigan that closed early. Good times, snow days!

The end of the world was just a bunch of wishful thinking. Sigh. Maybe one day the world will get sucked through the blackhole’s butthole, but definitely not any time soon. People come up with the best ideas about how we’re all fucked eventually.

The End of the World party our friend Adam put on was pretty damn awesome. Adam throws a fine party. DJ Irene was awesome, DJ Marc Lee killed it. Good times.

Some of the best end of the world marketing ploys. Who made use of the end times for profit? Check out some of these ads on the HuffPo.

The Mayor of Bugarach kindly asked for people not to come to their little town. People thought if they went there, aliens would rise up from the mountains and save everyone. Umm yeah. I wonder if when nothing happened, everyone that went there really thought it was the aliens in the mountain that spared their lives. Pull the trigger and the nightmare ends.

K dog shares with us “Phil’s piece” Are you worried about the end of the world? Phil says you shouldn’t be. The Bad Astronomer writes for Slate now, so check out his piece here. In there you can read about the black hole theory, Galactic Battlestar. Great stuff.

Ant sent in this article about the weirdest police stop ever. Check it out on the Daily Cricket.

Ending the show, a woman with a mad sexual arousal disorder commits suicide. It’s too bad heaven must have needed another nympho.

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