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“You’re a manipulative asshole.”

Here we go, another great episode of the Jamhole, getting back into our weekly schedule of shit for you to kill time while listening to. I’ve talked to Duncan and we’ll be bringing you new shows every Friday. Probably around 6pm PT 9pm ET, but follow the social networks and you’ll see a post when the show goes live. It’s good to be back, tell your friends and we’ll see you next week. Check out some show notes while you wait.

Let’s welcome Duncan aka Ddog back to the show. He’s going to be the new voice of the Jamhole, I hope you all enjoy him. We also have Kelsie aka Kdog back with us. Kelsie is the new Hot Box host which we’ll be doing every Saturday. You can also hear her talk some nerdy Ingress with us on the last episode of AotA.

If you joined us for the live show, we were streaming my new hip hop albums Escape Goats and The Blame EP. You can get them free on the Jamhole music page, or pay for them on Google Play. Pro tip, if you don’t want to give Google 30% of your money for this album, you can download it for free then paypal me whatever you think it’s worth. That’s probably the best way to pay for Escape Goats and The Blame EP. But, I have to say, the Google Play experience is pretty awesome. Especially if you live in Google Music like I do.

Let’s get into the past of who Duncan really is, where he came from, and how he ended up here sitting in the co host seat of the Jamhole. This is going to get personal and gritty, I hope you enjoy it.

After that whole mess, we talk about how I met Kelsie. This also gets a little personal, but we do it for you. Always remember that. Let’s also discuss the fine logistics of text messaging women. It’s like writing a romance novel of sorts. This is so weird.

Let’s do some news. Remember the hottie teacher that got in trouble for fucking her 14 year old student? Here’s an update, and she’s back on probation.

Thanks for listening and be sure to write us a review on iTunes and check us out socially. You can also leave us a message at 406.204.4687. Remember, new episodes every Friday with Duncan, so I hope you all enjoy that.

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