TJH 591: Hindsight Insight


“If you knew that, would you have done anything different?”

Here you go, another freshly funny awkwardly interesting episode of the Jamhole. You know, the Jamhole? It’s our weekly comedy show. We have Duncan back to host another great episode bringing to light all sorts of stupid shit. On tonight’s episode we have a new bit called the Montana Meth Project: Remix. We hope you enjoy it. It’s late right now, so I’m going to bang these show notes out in a half ass manner and call it a night. As always, follow us on your favorite social network, join the Jamhole Google+ community and we’ll chat at you online!

How has Duncan been doing as the new co host of the Jamhole? Is he acceptable? Drop us a message and let us know.

Legalize Christ! What the fuck does that even mean?

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we proudly present to you, the Montana Meth Project. Welcome to the junkie den.

Have you ever seen the Death Coaster? Now this is the way to go out. Why is suicide so interesting? I blame the movie Flatliners. Check out the Death Coaster here.

In keeping with how classy this show likes to be, let’s discuss an interesting study from the Atlantic on how you losing your virginity influences the rest of your sex life. Check out the article here.

Hey Aspen Colorado, if you can’t drive 25 mph, are you really going to drive 14? That’s just being a dick. Check out the article here.

In some local Montana news, there was this guy who was going to rob a pizza place, but then started crying and got a free pizza and wings out of the deal. Check out the article here.

If you get your pipe stolen, and you have a crop of weed, you might want to think twice about calling the cops. Shit might not end up the way you would have liked. Check out the article here.

Let’s get another quick update on where Duncan’s life is at the moment. This might get interesting.

Here’s a study that shows most gun deaths happen outside of mass shootings. We have some interesting theories on why this might be true. Check out the article here.

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