TJH 600: Dope and Crack Whores


“Just fucking stuff it in there like a dog.”

Here it is, another amazing milestone. 600 episodes! Are you bored yet? Is it fresh enough for you? So let me lay this on you real quick. Our friends Uhh Yeah Dude are doing another live show, and it’s in Denver Colorado. I’m thinking about making the trip to Denver for the show, and thought it would be cool if Jamholia came out of the woodwork and joined in the fun. I wouldn’t call it crashing a party, but we can all go enjoy some funny ha ha together. I’ll know as soon as this whole tax thing is done whether or not I can participate. Unless of course Jamholia wants to buy me a plane ticket, then I will go for sure. Either way, it should be a great time. Check out the UYD page here for more information. The show is June 8th 2013. Anyway, here’s some show notes for episode 600. Thanks to everyone who joined us in the chat during the live show, and to everyone who called in. It’s always a good time.

600 episodes later, still doing the same old shit. It’s not like we were going to get cancelled. As long as I can find some dumb schmuck to host this show with me, the show will continue. Thank you Duncan, for being the dumb schmuck of the moment.

Did you see? I put ALL three of the Jamhole live audience shows up on YouTube, for free! Fuck this five dollar bullshit. Just take it all. Then take my soul, what’s left of it.

Duncan finally got a chance to see his daughter, and his alleged crack head ex. Good times ensue.

Do you have crazy ex bitches that are fucking with your life? Leave us a message about it at 406-204-4687.

Who’s ready for a blast from the past? It’s time for some F M L!!! We should definitely be doing this more. What are you, some kind of queer?

MDS calls in for a quick holla. It’s been too long. Let’s do Denver on June 8th for Uhh Yeah Dude.

Which was better, the Ibogaine trip or the Florida rehab. Well, that’s a good question, what do you think?

This one time, at a barter fair… I love how Duncan’s stories start out. Always keep in mind, this is a show of fiction. Allegedly. Let me tell you about 27 hours of hell.

I love how Duncan has a story to relate to most of the FML stories we’ve done this episode.

Duncan was also a drama geek. How many of you would have guessed that?

Margaret Thatcher died, and Iron Man 3 gets delayed. Isn’t life grand?

Sabriand sent in this story about the best trip to Home Depot ever. Just think about this for a second. A man tried, and damn near succeeded. Check out the article here. Funny enough, Duncan tells us a story that somehow relates to this. I love it.

I have never broken a bone, in my life. But Duncan has pretty much broken every bone in his body.

Road rage is such a beautiful thing, especially when a hatchet is involved. It’s cool bro, we’re just on our way to a meth party. NO big deal. Yep, you guessed it, Duncan has a story relating to meth. Flashing hatchets.

Women listen up. Are you sick of little dick dudes? Well, fear no more, your savior is here. Check out this article about This is going to help you find your vagina’s perfect match. Ladies listen up. If your shit is a little loosey goosey, hot dogs and hallways, use a finger or two. Or maybe the whole fist. Who knows.

Redneck bastard calls in for some residual praise. Good times. You need to use the shims. Shim that shit.

Thank you Cody. You are the best. If you want to be better than Cody, you need to donate a bunch of money.

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