TJH 617: Fill in the Blank


“No, you can’t fucking borrow my shit.”

Episode 617 of the Jamhole, so hit play and listen up. I’m only going to say this once. Nevermind, I forgot what I was going to say. Mat Lee, Puffer, and Robby sitting at the round table talking some shit for the week. Actually it’s more of an L shaped table, but the point is… You’re right, there is no point. Read some show notes.

Winter is coming. Especially if you live in Montana. Also, we’re very excited for the season finale of Breaking Bad. South Park also started. Check me out on if you wanna talk about TV stuff.

We’re not the only people having problems with wasps and hornets and yellowjackets and shit. This awesomely named village in China is also having problems, and people are drying.

This awesome cop in our most fucked up state was just trying to get his. I’m a beat cop. Let’s get it on… The 911 calls are the best. Check the transcripts on the link. Also, worst Jamhole reenactment EVER.

Also from Florida, we have this lovely cross dressing old man thief. Check the cute classy mug shot.

Gamify everything, otherwise people don’t do anything. Because people are stupid. In other news, kids are also stupid and lots of them don’t belong anywhere near a college campus. That’s really some sort of a shame.

I’m having another birthday this year, so if you wanna get me money, send it to the donate page. And also send money for Puffer’s birthday, because you also missed that. Thanks!

The UN Climate Change report has been released, and no one knows anything about anything. I’m pretty sure we’re all fucked anyway. Check it out here on Fox News LOL. Blame the people, says the Verge. I would probably listen to the Verge before I listened to Fox.

There’s this crazy zombie survival store in Orlando. Of course there is, because that’s where the zombie apocalypse will start, because tons of old people live in Florida. At least it’s way down south.

If you want to kill yourself, wait until you are somewhere that isn’t Dubai. Because you definitely don’t want to go to Dubai jail.

The New York Health Department is having a hard time with bed bugs. New York is a dirty gross place, so yeah, that makes sense.

Termites protect themselves from our nasty pesticides using their poop. How handy is that?

Half of British pilots admit to falling asleep. You know it’s more than that, but only half will actually admit to it.

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