TJH 625: Twerk Got Beat by Selfie


“Did you just bring the dog into the bathroom with you?”

It’s cold out here when winter is coming and you live in the north. I know, humans are the worst. We bitch when it’s hot out, then we bitch when it’s cold out. We’re really never happy. Maybe for micro moments here and there, nanoseconds of odd random happiness interspersed with the lengthy grueling grind of the worlds problems. That’s ok though, because they’re not your problems right? Well, maybe some of them are, but for the most part don’t worry about it. Just worry about listening to your favorite comedy podcast, and telling the rest of the world about ours. I should also mention the email thing. Donate some cash and we’ll give you an email address. Like anyone really needs another email address, but hey, it’s something right? Here’s some notes.

What do you call that thing on your face? It’s kind of a beard, but not really. I honestly have no idea what my facial hair is doing.

Huge shout out to the Sweatshop Union guys, as well as Grieves for putting on a great show. It’s always fun, can’t wait to do it again. Hope you enjoy your trip home.

Sometimes we talk about things on TV. If you want to check out what I’m watching, follow me on Trakt. Speaking of TV, did you watch the new South Park? They are on a break now till like December, but you should definitely be all caught up, especially if you like Game of Thrones. So fucking funny.

The new Xbox is having a little problem here and there with update patches.

Did you know there is a whole wiki page about Black Friday (shopping)? I did not, until I started looking for some fatality numbers.

Do you buy presents for people during the holidays? Do you buy your girlfriend presents? We buy each other presents.

What the fucking shit is up with towns dropping weird ass things on New Years Eve? Speaking of, it’s almost fucking 2014, and that blows my dick off a little bit. This all started because I found this stupid article about a giant mushroom statue thing. People have some weird ass traditions.

Selfie is the new shit. Fuck people, I understand how hard it is to come up with new words, but we sure do suck at it.

Have you seen the old people reenact YouTube comments video? It’s so fucking funny. Allow us to play you a little taste. Check out the full video here on YouTube.

How awesome would it be to do some Top Gun style touch and go’s out on the highway? It would not be awesome to pay a three grand tow bill to get your plane towed off the highway. But when your prop falls off, you gotta land where you gotta land.

Did you know Sarah Palin’s official mayoral SUV is on Ebay? This hits a little bit of a thing with Puffer. I think he has a sweet spot for her. Speaking of the most crazy event in human history, have you seen the trailer for Noah?

Here’s a link to the story about the chick parachuting into the car.

Let’s do some blotter and get the fuck out of here for the week. Some of these are a little close to home. Was that you Puffer? Anyway, thanks for listening!

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