TJH 624: Rich and Heinous


“He should honorably discharge himself.”

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Tonight’s episode of the Jamhole is brought to you by Coors light, Mike’s hard lemonade, and allegedly a bunch of chronic. Can you point out what time in the show Puffer is officially drunk? This is a fun game we like to play.

Speaking of fun games, who’s ready for another exciting installment of Distracted Driving? Fuck yes. The snow is here and people are still driving like complete retards.


It’s Jamhole update time! do you all remember the story of the local lady who pushed her husband off a cliff at Glacier Park just a week after they got married? Her name is Jordan Graham and she dumb as fuck. Apparently she told the ranger where the body was so they could go ahead and keep the cops out of it. Sounds good to me. Why are people so fucking stupid?

In one of my most favorite named sites, we have some news straight out of Dumbfuckistan, aka Texas. Apparently, David Barton thinks the wicked ways of America has caused God to turn a blind eye. He says, “A door has been opened and we have said, you know, we embrace a wicked policy. Okay, then I’ll take my hand of protection off your nation, and whap! Here comes storms like we’ve never seen before, and here comes floods, and here comes climate stuff that we can’t explain all the hot times and all the cold times and too much rain and not enough rain and we’re flooding over here and we’ve got droughts over here.” How mind blowing is that? Puffer is completely ashamed of this guy.


Speaking of amazing politicians, let’s briefly discuss Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford. I’m pretty sure you can either be a crackhead, or a mayor. I don’t believe you can do both. You could completely afford the good shit, why are you smoking crack? That seems completely beneath someone of your status.

Also speaking of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, have you seen the Robby Bobby? If you live in Toronto and can get your hands on one, please send it to the Jamhole PO Box. It would go quite nicely bobbing his stupid crack smoking head next to the Buddy Christ bobble head. Thank you!


Let’s do a little science experiment. What happens when you pour gasoline all over a plastic slide? Well, a two and a four year old put it to the test. Little Mythbusters in training. Do you know what they found out? You will definitely catch your little self on fire. Nice work Georgia! I’m also guessing you probably don’t have health insurance right?


Have you noticed my beard? Yeah, it’s growing in pretty bad ass this season.

Speaking of beards, this dude in an Arkansas prison is now allowed to grow a beard up to one-half of an inch in length, in accordance with his Muslim beliefs. Muslim beards always seem so fucking angry. They should really learn how to relax and chill more. You know, like the American hipster beard.

Have you seen this study that looks at how the odds of being murdered are closely tied social networks? It’s kind of interesting I guess, but I don’t really understand all this science shit. I rely on god to handle my science for me. Everything I need to know is in the bible.

Are you ready for some local police blotter? Taking it back to the old school. This first one is really weird. Why would a student have child porn on his iPod? That just doesn’t make sense.

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