TJH 631: Probabilistically Speaking


“I’ve only totalled two cars while wasted, so no qualms.”

Right on schedule with another fantastic episode of the Jamhole. Thank you for checking out the show, as without you the listener, we’d pretty much just be here talking to ourselves. Make sure to check out the Google+ community and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You already knew that though. You are so smart. The last couple of weekends have been spent getting my ass kicked on the mountain. I used to snowboard back in the day (10 years ago), and I wasn’t all that bad at it. But fuck it’s been a long time. Sure, it comes back just like riding a bike, but can these old tired bones handle it? You’re god damned right they can. Epic shreddy time bro.

Hopefully next year I can get a pass again and we can have some sort of awesome Jamhole live winter festival party or something. How does a weekend snowboarding / skiing / snowmobiling sound? Plus a live show. Let’s start planning it now. This could be pretty fucking epic. Next year around February or March perhaps. I don’t know, you tell me. Get a hold of us and let us know if that’s something you all would be into. Fly to Kalispell for some winter wonderland goodness in 2015. For now, here’s some show notes.

I love how Puffer always sounds so thrilled to be on the show during the introductions. Puffer got invited to a dirty thirty stripper party. By a chick. I know right? Apparently, shit got mad sleezy up in thurrr.

This is the strip club they went to.
This is the strip club they went to.

Kill him or quit. It’s a new game. In the last six years or so, it has really become clear why people kill other people in the workplace.

It’s tax time again, which means the Liberty tax dancers are back outside at it. In the cold, just straight up rocking out with the sign out. Loving life. I like that sign dancing is a thing.

Best job EVER!
Best job EVER!

Let’s talk about stupid shit people care way too much about. Here’s an article with 12 of them. Also, that thing I was talking about where the congresswoman got interupted with Justin Bieber breaking news was true, and here’s the link.

Everyone has herpes, moving on.

You’re a gay fish, and I’m right. Always right. So fucking right.

Finger Pointing

I bet if you didn’t drink so much, you might get some work done on Robby’s car. In other news, Robby is pretending to shoot up in his car while driving. Nice Robby, nice.

Not sure if this is true or not, but Alana Hotbutt sent it in. You guys should all be sending in stories for the show. That sure would make my life a whole lot easier. At least on Fridays.

What’s the harm right? This is the harm. This is why you shouldn’t believe in stupid fairy-tale shit. Well, this is just one of the many reasons. I was performing an exorcism. It’s my right as a smug religious dick hole.

Yea, I did that.
Yea, I did that.

Fuck me? No my friend. Fuck you. Also, you heard it here. Puffer is going to give me an ounce of weed and $30 a month to build him a website.

Robby had a fun experience. Let’s hear him tell us about it. Yeah, his hand looks like he’s a cutter. The smart thing would have been to have him take a picture of it. But no, we didn’t. I would ask him for a picture, but he has a shitty windows phone.

Also, I didn’t edit that out. Because I totally forgot. It’s ok though, because nobody listens to this shit anyway. I even wrote down the time, and I still totally forgot.

We’re going to play a stupid game. I’m going to ask you stupid interview questions, based on real ones from this article. It’ll be fun, watch. If you were a new addition to the crayon box, what color would you be, and why?

So Puffer, do you think Donald Trump would be a good president? Trump or Christie? See, this is the lesser of two evil shit I rapped about.

Was Professor Bluntson correct? Is Obama really going to legalize weed right before he leaves office? I think it was episode 102.5 of the Hot Box entitled Dope and Dog Food.

Would you vote for this guy?
Would you vote for this guy?

So, this guy walks into a bar, totally naked from the waist down with a bag full of sex toys. Oh yeah, and he was also on meth. One more hit no time to waste. OOOoooh METH!

So there’s a difference between the Iditarod and the Idiotarod. Which one sounds more fun to you? Yeah, the fake one. What could be more fun than getting wasted and flying down a hill on modded out shopping carts? Only hookers and blow.

Thanks for listening to the show. I’m really looking forward to another week of work until the next time we meet. Until then, stay sexy. Also, make sure to check out our good friend Mike Boudet’s new podcast, Sword and Scale. It’s pretty freaking awesome.

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