TJH 648: You Quit


“I feel bad that you feel bad.”

Jim Morrison said it best, this is the end. Well, not exactly the end, but a hiatus of sorts. Puffer is moving away and I have a ton of other shit that I should focus my time on. I will be recording little discussions with people here and there, and posting them on this feed, and if I can get our new friend to talk into a mic, we’ll do that. Plus once Puffer gets back, or gets Skype up and running in Wyoming, we can start it back up again. But for now, I think we can all agree when I say we need a break from this.

Keep on reading and check out this awesome picture of Puffer.

I hate Meth
I hate Meth

But for now, enjoy this, and if you want to see how it’s going, hit me up on Facebook, Google+, Soundcloud, or Twitter. You can also text me at 406-848-1739. Send me a picture of your bright smiling face. All of you.

Of course the other shows will continue, because they have more of a work flow support structure, meaning I don’t have to do most of the work. Check out Attack of the Androids and Yet Another Tech Show, and even the Hot Box every now and then if you need more shows to listen to. Chances are, if you listen to this, you already know about them.

It’s definitely been fun. You are all totally awesome people. Let’s hang out at a festival some time and get wavy together.

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