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“I don’t see the cops here putting our motherfucking mailbox back up.”

It’s March, and we’re back from our snowmobile cabin trip in High Country in Wyoming. Back with episode 659 of the Jamhole for all the good citizens of Jamholia. The seasons are changing and things are happening. Transitions are transitioning, and I’m about to make the move to Washington to go work in the industry that deals with a plant I’ve been in love with since day two. Mari-Fucking-juana. With that in mind, this is the last episode recorded here at the Compound in Montana. If you wanna know more on what’s going on as far as me turning into somewhat of a weed refugee, I wrote an article all about it, and other weed refugees over on Stuff Stoners Like. While you’re there, also make sure to check out the latest edition of my column, More Deadly than Weed. The latest is about Karaoke.

With all of your help and amazing donations, we were able to get BJ a Chromebook, so she’ll be able to do hangouts remotely until we get the living situation figured out. As it stands, she will be staying in Montana for a while at first. But as you all know, the show must go on, and with all this wonderful technology you’ve helped us to acquire, we should be able to keep things rolling. Getting more involved with the cannabis industry, there will be some major things happening over on the Hot Box podcast, so keep an eye out there if you love the weed stuffs. For now, on with the show, and we’ll see you on the other side.


This is why we can’t have nice things. Because of dumb entitled kids who drain their parents for everything they are worth. Maybe one day you’ll get it figured out and start pulling your own weight. We won’t be holding our breath though.

BJ isn’t in a sling anymore, which is awesome. I look forward to next year when she can break the other one.


We got back from a 1,500 plus mile road trip to Devil’s Tower, then to Sheridan Wyoming for some of the best snowmobiling ever!

Things are getting bad down here in District 9. Here’s the article of what happened on the Flathead Beacon. I’ll warn you now, it involves a dead baby. Insert dead baby jokes here. If it makes you feel any better, he did plead not guilty. Maybe it was an accident? Maybe he actually meant to do it. Only time will tell. Here’s the article describing the vandalism.


BJ saw Devil’s Tower for her first time. This was her first monument viewing ever! They say you always remember your first. Quite the monumental trip, if you know what I mean. Check out the photo albumon Google+.

Shout out to Gillette Wyoming, and all of the tweakers leaving awesome tweaker messages on walls of hotel rooms.


Pay attention, I’m about to give you all the links to the snowmobile footage we shot and I edited together. All the photo albums I have on Google+ are here. Feel free to peep. The most recent are from Cannacon and the Washington / Oregon road trip, and then the Devil’s Tower / Wyoming snowmobile road trip.

– Wyoming Snowmobile Excursion 1.0. I consider this the trailer, a short look into what’s to come. This is the first day we went up with Willis and Ethan. I shot this with my Moto X and did the editing on the YouTube video Editor.

High Country Cabin Trip Day 1. This is the first day we went to our cabin up at High Country Lodge in the beautifully breathtaking mountains of the Bighorn. The photo album is here on Google+.

Hot Box the Warming Hut. Puffer and I allegedly took a pit stop in this cool warming hut. Cool warming? Yeah, it’s called poetic license. Pardon his lungs, but after watching this, you’ll see why we’re the classiest, best in the business. We definitely need to all meet up next year in Wyoming and do this trip. I’m talking bucket list type must do shit.

High Country Cabin Trip Day 2. Here’s the footage from our second day at the cabin. I don’t drink and drive, I smoke and ride.

I finished reading Scott Jordan’s book Pocketman! I have to say, it’s a really interesting read coming from one of the most passionate and peculiarly nice people I have met in a long time. Plus, he’s the dude that makes those awesome Scottevests! I remember when I first saw those on Think Geek. I got the TwiT hoodie. I wore the holy ever living fuck out of that hoodie, then when I finally wore holes in the sleeve cuffs, I ordered the black micro fleece hoodie. It looks like they’ve made some nice upgrades since.

Fuck my life, the more I look at these awesome hoodies, the more it is definitely time to order an XL Knowmatic Jamhole logo embroidered one. That would be so fucking bad ass. Could you even imagine that look? So good. Especially getting out of the black and red Jamhole Polaris Slingshot? I can’t even. Hey Scott, if you read this, I’ll trade you the tools of enlightenment for a Jamhole logo embroidered SeV Knowmatic Hoodie. I have the black microfleece, but it’s a little small for me now, plus it looks like you’ve researched and implemented some nice upgrades since mine was new. Like thumb slots in the cuffs for all of us publicly uncomfortable people who don’t know where to put our hands. Ok, I’m ordering. The point was, read the book, it’s cool, and Scott is a bad ass. Definitely a Jamholian at heart.

Someone ate my keys, but I’m not sure who. You should head over to my Instagram and review the interrogation footage. Here’s video 1, and here’s video 2. Then make the decision. I’m guessing Puffer will be finding my keys in Scooby’s poop today or tomorrow.

It’s pretty much been us surviving one shit show in order to make it to the next. Hey Deer Lodge, you sure do have a lovely prison. One more road trip Neon, then you can relax.

Time for a couple of quick movie reviews. The first, we watched Kingsman: The Secret Service. I have to say, this was some cool shit. Especially if you like the spy movie genre. I also need to tell you how much I loved Samuel L. Jackson’s character in it. He had this whole ladies man lisp thing going on, and his steez was so fucking on point.

We also saw Chappie. Holy fucking shit you guys. Also a pretty damn good movie. It’s amazing the sort of emotions you can evoke when your imagery and storytelling is done right. Very anthropomorphic in the way they got you to feel certain things for the robot.

Make sure to head on over to Stuff Stoners Like and check out my latest column of More Deadly than Weed! The latest is Karaoke. Way more deadly than weed. Since the last episode of the Jamhole, I also wrote one about vending machines. Also more deadly than weed. While we’re at it speaking of the weed stuffs, I also wrote a piece about weed refugees.


Also speaking of weed, according to Mashable, Colorado has sold 148,238 pounds of marijuana in 2014. On the legit at least. Let’s talk about this, since we don’t do the Hot Box at the moment. Cannabis is definitely something I’m very interested in. There is so much potential to achieve great helpful things for humanity. Not to mention there’s going to be enough cash money generated to give all of us jobs. Not to mention getting the strain on the overpopulated prison system eased a bit. It’s a good thing all around, so what’s the hold up?

If you grow weed outside, prepare to have rabid rabbits all up in your shit. It’s definitely not going to be pretty. Stoned rabbits and bears yo. Eating your face!


Chuck E. Cheese, where a kid can be a kid, and parents can get their brawl on. Why? Because, Murrrikkka! You should definitely watch the video. They have the surveillance footage up, or at least they did at the time of writing this.

Apparently we’re having a tad bit of a poop soup problem up there at the ol Mount Everest. Listen here people, why are you so fucking disgusting? My roommate and best friend Bob tells me all the time about how nasty people and their shit are. For reals, you are teachers and students at an institution of higher learning, yet you can’t manage to get the shit that is in your ass, into the toilet, without getting it all over the fucking place. Just like Aesop Rock said on the track 39 Thieves, “We’re not concerned with the community aloofness Dude we’re animals, we just go where the most food is.”

Not sure if we did this story or not, but the Black Madam has been convicted of butt injection death. Can you even? Peep these name drops. It’s so good. I was waiting for her to yell world star or some dumb shit.

It’s shit like this that makes me have to lie to people when I travel abroad and tell them I’m Canadian. A lot of you are fucking embarrassments to not only the country you hail from, but the whole fucking species.

Dig deep and help a brotha out during these transitional times going from an old job to a new. Also stay tuned after the podcast for a bunch of audio I recorded with the handheld recorder of Puffer and I on the snowmobile trip. Enjoy. We’re doing this in early March next year. If you want to go, hit me up.

Check out the live hangout video below. When we do live shows, it will be through hangouts. Make sure to add the Jamhole to your Google+ circles and subscribe to the new channel on YouTube. Thanks for checking out the show.

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