TJH 661: True Crime with Jokes


“If it wasn’t for this woman who tried to murder me in 2004…”

Look at that, two weeks in a row you are getting some fresh Jamhole love all over your pretty little faces. This is an exciting episode for a couple of reasons. First of all, we have one of the greats, Pat Dixon from the New York City Crime Report on the show with us, and second, we have this really awesome video for Stuff Stoners Likes that BJ had a little cameo in. I don’t know about you, but this little lady might have herself a little acting career if she plays her cards right. So sit back, and blaze one while we blast episode 661 through the loud speakers for all the good people of Jamholia to absorb.

If you aren’t familiar with Pat Dixon, he hosts a podcast called the New York City Crime Report. If you dig the true crime scene, he does it with a funny twist.

I blame Loony Tunes for the violent state of society.

We all have a little voyeur in us. It’s like bird watching.


This man quit smoking like a real man, chewing gross gum and masturbating. They didn’t have e-cigs back then.

Here’s what we all have to look forward to once we hit 40. Anyone else not looking forward to turning into old shitty people?

It must be a lot of fun dating someone that is writing a column or book about your relationship. How do you fill your needs?

Sometimes the sober us isn’t the best us.


So, we’re just going to hook you up to this machine, then make you go where we think you need to go. This is pretty fucking brilliant. I can think of all sorts of nefarious uses for this new magic.

Yes, my girlfriend is a fucking ginger hillbilly that walks around barefoot. I can count all of the things I do barefoot on one hand.

That’s fine mom, take my phone. I will destroy your fucking car. Some kids should have the shit smacked out of them more.

Your ads are stupid. All of them.

As humans, we are achieving some great shit. Just think, in a couple of decades, we’ll be killing other people on a whole new planet. How exciting!

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