TJH 663: Neon Jihad


“That’s a lot of poop I’m gonna have to deal with.”

Back from the Spring Barter Faire, reset, rejuvenated, and re-energized until the next time we visit home. It’s always nice to get back home and see the family. As par for the course, things got set on fire, and of course the trusty Fire Watch put them out. The next one is happening in Lolo Montana, and it’s called Neon City. This is one of our favorite Montana parties, so we’ll hopefully see you all there. After that we’ll be back in Tonasket for the Conscious Culture Festival. Enjoy the notes, and drop us a comment! Make sure to subscribe in iTunes and write us a review. We’re also on Stitcher.

Barter Faire!!! Coughing more amazing dust up. Dust and dabs definitely don’t mix. What the fuck is it with people and trying to burn down barter faire while we’re there.

We have a winner of the Infected Mushroom tour stuff. That will be getting sent your way here shortly. Thank you to everyone who entered, better luck next time. We had so many names to draw through, I literally spent a whole day writing names on papers.


Check out the latest Weed Review over on Stuff Stoners Like. This time we checked out the Ace of Spades, all cheesy sitcom style. If you have any ideas for review styles, definitely let me know. The well seems to be running a bit dry if you haven’t noticed. Also make sure to check out the latest MDtW via a little guiding tweet suggestion from Jamholian MDS. Treadmills are more deadly than weed.

We don’t make any money from any of this, so if you enjoy what we do here, definitely send us some money!

Here’s the Barter Faire picture album from what we took. We definitely need to start taking more pictures. A camera is a fuck of a thing to keep track of at get togethers like this.



I love my Facebook feed. In it I find interesting discussions like this. “How many of you men have fucked a chick who was having her period? And how was it for you? Tell me.” So for reals, drop us a comment, because I’m curious how Jamholia feels about period sex. Let me tell you the story about the time I thought blood was poop.

Holy shit you guys, the Human Centipede 3 trailer is out.


I’m guessing the food wouldn’t have been delivered if you weren’t going to the hospital anyway. But from one ex pizza guy to another, props bro.

Have you seen this awesome rollercoaster-esque bridge in Japan? That’s what the fuck I’m talking about.


Because sometimes you just gotta go. Not sure why you had to be naked though. But hey, that’s cool.

What in the holy fuck is going on Indiana? You have a seriously nasty little HIV outbreak there, not to mention a wicked bad Opana problem.

Check out this awesome science shit! The Martian Diaries shows what the rover has been up to since it’s been chilling on Mars. I also like the Sarcastic Rover account on Twitter.


How’s your space madness doing? You’ll be ok, just duck and cover.

Hip hop simply won’t stop, because it can’t stop. Get it… Here’s a cool study about how awesome our new music is.

Check out this awesome list. The perfect list to living the life. The dude abides.


Where can you find the best deals on a party sex house? Air BnB of course! This isn’t a party, it’s a drug induced orgy! That’s pretty much the definition of party right there.

As a bunch of dirty ass humans, we need to understand. Poop is every fucking where.


Speaking of poop, check out this shit. If you fuck around, you will get the poo poo spread all over your mouse.

Check out the live hangout video below. When we do live shows, it will be through hangouts. Make sure to add the Jamhole to your Google+ circles and subscribe to the new channel on YouTube.

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