TJH 666: The Back Seat


“You do know you’re carrying the spawn of the Dark Lord, right?”

Welcome back to your monthly installment of this quaint little shit show we like to call the Jamhole. Happy episode 666! Thanks for sticking around waiting patiently as we do our best to crank out more shows. In the meantime, there’s now 666 of them to listen to, so that’s a legit number for a minute right? I’m kidding, we’ll be back with more new shows as time permits. Also stick around at the end of the episode for a new track a friend of mine and I are working on.

It has come to our attention that some shows are making bank using Patreon. Why don’t you guys set that shit for us and start generating some cash flow. Help us pay for this baby.

Happy birthday to my mom! We love you mom!

Fan signs yo!
Fan signs yo!

Be sure to check out the Instagram account. All sorts of cool stuff getting posted there. Mostly weed related, but hey, it’s what I do.

Say hi to one of Washington’s newest extraction artists. It’s like a sandwich artist, but we extract things. So if Montana could hurry up and re-legalize cannabis again, that would be great.

As America, we recently celebrated our dependence on independence. You know what is more deadly than weed? Fireworks. Mother fucking fireworks have killed more people than weed. Check out MDtW and the rest of my stoner byline here on Stuff Stoners Like.


Speaking of weed, we’re giving away two Vuber Atlas wax / oil vape pens courtesy of Jim at Vuber, and two globes for them, courtesy of Growers Outlet. Submissions must be in by Monday night. Read the details here on episode 160 of the Hot Box podcast.

I also got a cool box from Craft Vapery to review. If you are into nicotine or nicotine free e-liquids, they send you new ones each month based on a flavor profile you create on their site. It’s actually pretty cool.

It has come to our attention via SMS that BJ might be giving birth to the dark prince.


Again, humans and their fire. Apparently Glacier Park is burning. Actually, that one might not have been the human’s fault.

Are you familiar with pregnancy sex? Let’s take a look at this mysterious article that appeared in my inbox. Sex is great anyway, why do you have to ruin it with a pregnancy.

Bump! Bump bump, fire princess has a baby and she don’t give a fuck.


I feel like I have a good grasp on how this baby thing is going to go down. I’m also curious how many of you completely hate all this baby talk. You can go ahead and count me in those numbers.


Did I mention I had a chance to review the Nectar Collector? Like the real one from Wasatch Glassworks! Very exciting, and you can check it out on SSL. There’s also a video if you are subscribed to my YouTube channel. You also might notice the use of some new Mat Lee hip hop in some of the latest video reviews. I’m working on some new shit, those are drafts for you to enjoy.


Babysitter of the month? I think so. But you never know, the kid might have loved that shit. We do salute and appreciate you for going the extra mile to give us “The Laughs.”

If you could do us a favor and stop stabbing Chinese doctors in China, that would be great. Thanks! If you keep stabbing the doctors, I’m guessing no one will want to be a doctor anymore after a while.


Where’s the best place to charge a few cell phones? Duh, in someone’s house while hiding under the bed. That’s not creepy or anything… Although I am sort of impressed he managed to stay there for three days without getting noticed.

The Onion managed to break a real news story. Very amusing. That’s how fucked we all are.

Drunk driving a riding mower. Because Murrrrica.

You know what else is more deadly than weed? Ikea chests. At least these ones. Either that or kids are dumber than we all thought.

Dude bro, you have some white stuff under your nostrils there. You also seem to have some stuff in your butt. What what? In your butt.

Kevin Jones, get better soon and start doing more podcasts. I’m an asshole for not remembering the podcast name during the show.

Check out the live hangout video below. When we do live shows, it will be through hangouts. Make sure to add the Jamhole to your Google+ circles and subscribe to the new channel on YouTube.

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