TJH 665: In the River


“My girlfriend has been infected with a parasite.”

Back to check in real quick with a June episode for all the great people of Jamholia. Still living the dream in boomtown. Now that everything is sorted around here we should be able to start bringing you shows more than once a month. There’s going to be a huge reward for all of you who have somehow managed to stick with us during these transitional times. So thanks for listening, and enjoy the show.

Congratulations to the gays! You have won the prize.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, and Laurence Fishburne ran for president?

Anything over 100 degrees is too hot, and you can keep it. We’re enjoying a nice 72 most days here. Yeah, it’s nice. This whole climate change thing is starting to fuck with some shit it seems like.

Tis the season… for fires. I wonder if Prometheus would have had the foresight to know that humans would be such careless assholes with fire, he would have just left them in the dark and saved himself the vultures.

Let me tell you a story about a bird. This bird basically started this whole shit show that we call the last month.

A festival is probably not the best place to have an intervention.

Ben, if I hurt your feelings, I’m sorry, and you should have stronger feeling protection.

Being in an open relationship is hard. I should have laid down better ground rules. I take full responsibility for this shit show. Plus, I thought rules were meant to be broken.

What do you think you think you know about getting trolled? I feel like with this baby thing, I might be getting trolled. I’ll believe it in January when she brings a baby home from the hospital.

Let’s address some concerns you may or may not have about this baby.

The rest of the episode is pretty much talking about this, so if you’re into it, enjoy, if not, that’s how it goes sometimes.

Since babies are expensive, you should all think about kicking in some money. Let’s crowd fund this baby. Hit up the donate page and say thanks!

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