TJH 667: The First Millenial


“Fuck your way to a plumper, fuller vagina.”

Mmm, the beginning of August and already a new episode of the Jamhole. Thanks for joining us. We have for you, what I feel like is a pretty damn good episode this evening. There’s some visual stuff, so you might want to check out the live episode you can find at the bottom of these notes. Join the fun interaction on Instagram where you can send us a sexy picture of you holding a sign that says something awesome like I love the Jamhole. Something like that. The Hot Box has been getting mad love from the ladies, so it’s probably time to perk BJ up a little by showing the show a show of love. Other than that be sure we’re friends on Facebook, follow my Twitter, and we’ll talk to you next time we talk to you.

Had a decent trip back to Montana for a minute. Other than car troubles. But we sort of fixed all that. Check out the Instagram or Facebook and you can see a picture.

Ant named her Sadie. People name cars right?
Ant named her Sadie. People name cars right?

So between the baby and the car, we’re really going to appreciate all the donations you are all going to send. Subconsciously you’re already sending them. Have you ever seen Gymkana? That’s the plan for the neon one day.


I took this cool picture of the Moon. It has half the likes the baby post got. So my followers like babies, moons, and weed? I’ll get this demographic figured out, just wait.


This was a blue moon or whatever, and this is why I love the internet.

Spider genocide?

New reviews on Stuff Stoners Like. Check out the weed and the pictures. I made that shit! Well, I didn’t make the weed, but I did take the pictures.

Welcome to Baby Watch 2015! We should know the sex of this thing the next time we do an episode. Anyone wanna place any bets? You know where I stand.

Say hi to TicklemeTorii!
Say hi to TicklemeTorii!

I Just wanna say, and don’t get offended, but the Hot Box fans are kinda killing this whole fansign thing. I haven’t really seen any Jamhole fan signs. Just saying. Does that make you jelly?

Let’s start a new bit. It’s called Did you know?

Did you know millennial dads aren’t the dads they thought they’d be?


Did you know there is such a thing known as Vagina Contouring? Vagina contouring is a makeover for your southern hemisphere.

Did you know that in Cambodia, they train rats to sniff out landmines? Thus solving two apparent problems. Rats, and landmines. Hey Cambodia, that’s a fantastic idea.


Did you know Donald Trump is going to run for president? I thought that was like some ongoing onion joke or some shit. So yeah, that’s happening.

Did you know people go to Africa to shoot lions? Well this time they fucked up, they shot a lion named Cecil the lion? Really? Mr. Palmer, a dentist paid 55,000 dollars to do this. He deeply regrets it now he says. Apparently he also wanted to bag an elephant, but they were all out or something.


Did you know Delta shipped big game trophies before?

Did you know there was a hitchhiking robot?


Did you know a giant minion escaped and caused a traffic jam?

Did you know God needs your help with this whole pesky gay marriage thing?


Did you know Kraft had to recall a bunch of singles because people are choking on the wrappers?

Did you know there’s a chicken getting a prosthetic leg that’s worth 2,500?

Did you know that if you bail out your boyfriend to get married, he’ll probably jet?

Check out the live hangout video below. When we do live shows, it will be through hangouts. Make sure to add the Jamhole to your Google+ circles and subscribe to the new channel on YouTube.

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