TJH 671: The Paranoia Trend


“The stoner life does seem to be a lot of waiting.”

The leaves are changing and the rain seems to be a part of the landscape now. MDS has made the cross country trek to come hang out in beautiful Jamholia. Of course when that happens we need to do a show. So here it is. Right here, right now. Let’s chat. If you buy stuff from Amazon, definitely try and remember to use our link! Every little bit helps.

MDS is here!


Yes, I killed you because you were turning into a zombie. This is what happens when you netflix and chill.


We should all get together and invest in a Vivos for ourselves. Jamholia should definitely be relocated to one of these.


Dog shootings are getting completely out of control. You should definitely teach your dog gun safety if you are going to leave guns around.


Have you ever been to Zaqistan? Something tells me we should go visit this kid.

Dubai is going to be the happiest place on the planet, thanks to our friend Kevin, and the local police. They just want to make sure you’re happy.


Halloween is coming up, so let’s talk about stupid costumes you should never wear. In hindsight, Bob noticed we have been seeing an awful lot of cats.


Speaking more of stupid costumes, here’s some awful couples Halloween costumes you should stay away from.

In case you were wondering where people like to be touched, there’s this handy chart.


I’ve been working on some new hip hop for the Project LD_50 album. If you are in the Montana Thought Project on Facebook, you can hear most of them, if not, make sure to stick around till the end of the podcast episode for a new track called Get Brains.

Check out the live hangout video below. When we do live shows, it will be through hangouts. Make sure to add the Jamhole to your Google+ circles and subscribe to the new channel on YouTube.

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