TJH 673: A Female Thing


“I sucked a dick so I can say faggot!”

Here’s another episode of the Jamhole for you, fresh off the presses. Or the computer, or whatever it is that podcasts come fresh up out of. Enjoy the notes, and we’ll chat at you next time. Be sure to check out the new album, Projekt Smokalot¬† here on Bandcamp or Google Play Music. We also have a pretty sweet glass shop over at SPOG.

Facebook says we’ve been friends for five years now. So umm, happy anniversary or something.

Some other podcasts I listen to that you might enjoy include Uhh Yeah Dude, Distorted View, the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, and of course, Sword and Scale.

Do you think more men or women listen to true crime? Hit me up on Instagram and let me know.

Women slowly poison men over time in order to exact revenge for how shitty guys used to treat them. Especially in the work place. Shit was on some Mad Men shit back in the day. For that, we’re sorry. Please don’t poison us.

If you know what started the whole filming myself while driving thing on Instagram, please give me some insight. I am both fascinated, and scared to death.

make penis bigger

If you had a billion dollars, would you risk your life to enlarge your cock? This guy rolled the dice, and LOST.

All women are bothered by small dick. Prove me wrong.

Did you know that we are down to exactly ONE Blockbuster Video, and it’s here in Oregon. Bend Oregon to be exact.

Apparently the way men in Saudi Arabia handle their women is slightly different than how we handle ours. If you wanted to track your girls progress through life, you could download the Absher app, and exert even more control over your lady.

Remember Katt Williams? Portland remembers. Apparently he’s been having some money issues. He couldn’t pay his camera crew, or his limo driver, or his service dog. He also didn’t show up for his court date.

Did you know BJ met Tom Cruise?

This dude in Springfield Oregon killed this infant. It wasn’t even his! What the fuck is this world coming to?

Have you played Rape Day yet? Anyway, happy Women’s Day!

Facebook starts down a slippery slope with the whole antivaxxer algorithm thing. As much as I’m happy they are doing it, where does it stop? Just so we’re perfectly clear here, the MMR vaccine does NOT cause autism. Also you should probably get a tetanus shot if you are out on the farm.

A good healthy dose of karma. Hit an elephant with a stick, you’re going to get your skull crushed.

At some point, unless you are a professional, you’re going to get mauled by your pet lion.

The worlds most expensive car, the Bugatti.

Hey, where did my dope go? This kid found a bag full of blow and fentanyl at a Subway.

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