TJH 674: Guilty Pleasure


“You’re not exactly 21 anymore, but it’s worth a try.”

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole. Mat and BJ back at it chopping up the shit as they say. We’re having a sale for the month of April at our little heady glass shop, SPOG. Sweet Piece of Glass is where to go if you want to get yourself a super sweet piece of glass. You should also go pick up your copy of Projekt Smokalot, my latest hip hop project. Enjoy the show and we’ll chat with you next time!

Girls love their true crime.

Hey Comcast, your internet sucks, but it sucks less than Centurylink, so I guess we’re stuck with each other.

Your phone is made to get all up in that wallet, and drain you of your cash money.

The whole college entrance scam thing is fucking fantastic. Of course that was happening. Didn’t anyone else see the movie Blue Chips when they were younger? It’s basically the same thing.

I might be sounding a bit jaded. I’m sure I’ll be over it by next episode…

I mean, at least there’s the Exploding Kittens booth at Wondercon. Probably the best thing on IG right now. If you haven’t already, you missed out because it’s now too late to back Throw Throw Burrito, the new game from the Exploding kittens folks. Damn.

Let’s all take a moment to pour out some liquor for Harambe, and for Jung Musk’s music career. Honestly though, the more I listen to it, the more it carves out a spot in my brain. He might be on to something here.

Fyre 2.0 is coming to Eugene Oregon fam! This has to be trolling. But if it’s legit, y’all should come kick it in the homeless camps with us!

If you speak German and can stay in bed for two months, NASA will pay you almost $20,000. Click here to sign up. How long do you really think you could lay in bed for? For me it’s gotta be around 3 days max before I need to get up and stretch or something.

Could you burn 1,000 pounds of weed per hour for 8 hours a day? If you can and live in Houston, the DEA wants to talk to you. Also, weed people are the worst.

Do you want to buy some used underwear that BJ wears during the show? Holler. This chick, and a lot of other chicks are totally doing it, and making a grip of cash. We definitely need to cash in on this hot new trend.

Antivaxxers have sure gone and fucked up some serious shit. It’s not just here in Oregon either.

Every time you have a seizure, think of these parasites that may or may not be living in your brain.

If you are going to kill some bears, make sure their den isn’t under full on video surveillance. Otherwise, you might end up internet famous, and not the good kind.

If we stop sending doctors to the Congo, and wait long enough, eventually everyone there will die from Ebola. If Ebola even exists that is… Also, what’s up with the bloody poop clipart? Search for Ebola Symptoms on Google and let me know if you see it too.

Make sure to check out our glass sale for the month of April at Sweet Piece of Glass.

Thanks for listening and we’ll chat with you next time!

By Mat Lee

Creating dope shit since the chromosome split...

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