TJH 694: The Purge


“He finds lots of shit honestly.”

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Jamhole. On tonight’s episode we have something a little different for you. Let’s welcome to the show my good friend Nigel Truffleburrry, and his friend G. Sit back and smoke a fat one while you enjoy episode 694 of the Jamhole.

Truffles are pretty hard to find. Hopefully Nigel and his puppy can find more Truffles than feces at the tournament.


People in Oregon camp hard. Probably the biggest outdoor enthusiasts in the country.

Did you know that people used to boof Peyote way back in the day. Like 600 AD shit. If you want read some cool psychonaut type shit, check out The Way of the Psychonaut volume 1.

The harder the purge, the better the trip.

This poor bro who got in trouble for having some hemp flower is going to fall victim to the weed testing error bar problem. Check out the Reddit post here. There’s no way the lab testing is giving you results more accurate than +/- 5%.

People eat like shit and feed their pets just as good.

Juice Wrld

Let’s all take a moment to remember another rapper who took too many fun drugs. Apparently Juice Wrld died from having too much oxycodone and codeine in his system.

Nigel had someone break into his house recently. This is a pretty good story. Have you ever had someone break into your house? Mmm, juicy.

If someone breaks into your house, is calling 911 snitching? Would you choose a police baton, or a machete to protect your home from marauders?


Iguanas are falling out of the trees in Florida. Once it drops below 40 degrees, they just shut down and fall out of wherever they were hanging out at.

How did humans figure out which animals to eat? Would you eat a panda? Would you eat a camel? What about an Iguana?

What’s up with Washington trying to ban any weed shit with over 10% THC? Who’s mans is this?

How do you feel about emotional support animals? Lawmakers are trying to ban certain animals on flights.

If you need a new sweet piece of glass or quartz, hit up SPOG! That’s our glass site which supports local artists here in Eugene and beyond.

Illuminated Cueing Arts

If you play pool and want to get better at it, check out the training system Nigel is messing around with. It’s called the Illuminated Cueing Arts training system.

Make sure to check out Outrun Hash on the gram for all of your hash needs.

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