TJH 699: Mozart Dope


“You take this money, and you invest it into something good.”

Just about done with the second month in 2020. I hope you are all surviving as well as can be. We’re almost done with these cold winter months. The sun will shine again and things will be alright. Tap the link below for show notes and pics. Thanks for listening!

What makes you anxious? How do you feel about borrowing money from people? What about from corporations? Let’s psychoanalyze.

B for Broke as fuck. Or Bj. Or Ben.

The moral of the story, don’t lend money to people you can’t afford to lose. Very Sage advice, thank you for that Bj.

Roommate beef check in this week.

oxygen water

We might need to start another Patreon to get Ben his own place.

Have y’all heard of this newfangled oxygen water? Listen to Dr. Bj explain to us the chemical makeup of water.

hand sanitizer

Would you rather get Tabasco in your mouth as a child, or hand sanitizer? This lucky middle school kid got to taste some hand sanitizer.

Have you ever had a brick thrown at you in school? Apparently Bj has! Learning new things every episode…

skull breaker challenge

Remember back in the day when kids used to play with pipe bombs and shit? Kids these days be soft as fluff.

The latest internet challenge is cracking skulls. It’s called the Skull Breaker challenge. Basically you get your friend to jump while kicking their legs out from under them. Glob bless the internet.

Did I mention we have a Patreon? You should support it if you use that shit.

centreville poop flood

The people of Centreville are literally drowning in their own waste. Will someone please declare a state of mother fucking emergency?

This Oregon “comedian” probably brought the Coronavirus back to Oregon with him. Thanks bruh.

Pigeons with MAGA hats on. What will the world thing of next… Sometimes I can’t tell if this world is real anymore.

maga pigeon

Shout out to everyone in India for searching for how to fuck a cow. You all keep this show going.

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