TJH 700: Vagina Majoris


“I don’t know how much more clinical I can get.”

Happy leap year day y’all! Thanks for checking out another episode of the Jamhole. This one is number 700! I know right? That sure is some commitment. Join us for a little jaunt down memory lane. We’ve laughed, we’ve loved, we’ve lived. It’s been one hell of a ride, and it ain’t over yet. If you want to contribute to all this greatness, hit up our Patreon page or check out the Donate page right here on the Jamhole!

Let’s start the show out like we usually do, with some good ol fashioned char broiled roommate beef. Which one of you dick heads left the tampon in the toilet?

Jon Drinks Water

Have you guys ever watched Jon drink water? I’m definitely a little jelly that Jon has way more subscribers than we do, and all he’s doing is drinking water. It’s unsettling, and impressive. Check out his YouTube channel here.

Humans aren’t the only ones using ride share apps. Bed bugs are apparently being found in Texas ride share cars.


Grimes and Elon Musk are doing the progressive thing and letting their child decide it’s own gender. Let us never forget the Harambe song by Elon Musk.

Have you ever had an erection…. on WEED MAN? If your erection lasts for more than 12 hours, you should probably go seek help, or a better hooker.

Welp, the Coronavirus has finally claimed an American life. Just another reason to not leave the house.

Happy 700 Episodes of the Jamhole

Take a walk down memory lane with us, as we go back and read some YouTube comments from some videos we made over a decade ago. We’ve done this show for 700 episodes now. We’ve definitely made a lot of memories. If you have a fond memory of the Jamhole, holler at us and we’ll read a few of them on the next episode.

Junkie Parrot

Junkie parrots are apparently becoming a problem in India.

Speaking of junkies, the human junkies are now going after your catalytic converter. They just want that sweet, sweet palladium.

Thomas Stemen

Mr. Stemen has gotten in trouble for attacking people with semen filled syringes. Stemen was scheming with some semen.

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