TJH 714: Derrick Towers


“Is that what you’ve been doing since you kicked Ben out?”

Welp, looks like shit is hitting the fan, even more than it was. We hope you are all staying safe out there during these crazy times. Super excited to let you all know that my new album Virus Diaries will be out June 8th! I made all the beats and the rhymes for this one, so I’m super stoked for you all to check it out. Thanks for joining us for another episode, and hit the link below for the show notes.

Sometimes you gotta let the baby bird try to fly. Sometimes they fly, sometimes they crash and burn.

You know what I want for fathers day? A weekend to my fucking self. I’m at that age where I’m starting to cherish the moments when I can just be alone and enjoy some peace and fucking quiet.

Virus Diaries

Virus Diaries will be coming out June 8th. Huge shout out to Ben for making some dope ass album art.

We’re starting a little investor pool over on Discord. If you have at least 50 bucks to kick in, come win some chicken nuggets with us. Hit this link for the invite.

Fun fact, in Montana the gas stations sometimes have video poker and keno.

Speaking of investing and not knowing what the fuck you’re doing, if you wanna start messing with your own little stock thing, use my Robinhood link!

Shout out to Brooke for getting a little tattoo practice done on me. Definitely give her a follow if you like cool art and shit.

monkey virus

Brazil putting up some almost impressive numbers with 1,000 dead in 24 hours according to the headline.

Some monkeys in India stole some blood samples, so there’s that.

I love it that all this shit is going on and BJ has literally no idea about it. I almost envy her.

Derek Chauvin Murderer

So the people are rioting again because cops keep doing dumb fucking shit. It’s about time a precinct got burned down. This whole simulation needs a hard reset.

BJ blows up her dads spot. Apparently racism is alive and well in Butte Montana. Who would have figured?

Shout out to our homie Ant. The first black person Bj’s ever met. Have you had “The Talk” with your kids? Ant has. It’s definitely fucked up that this is the timeline we’re living in.

Shit also popping off in Denver. People running over people in cars and shit. What the fuck timeline are we living in?

Gandhi Mahal Burning

Let that shit burn! It’s insured probably, so we’re gonna rebuild no problem. This guy has such a great outlook.

How do you feel about Smut and Eggs? Porn in the morn? You son of a bitch, I’m in! Wisconsin, I have some new respect for you.

Jet Ski Graduation

We talk a lot of shit about Florida, but this Florida jet ski graduation is pretty dope.

Mom cuts the wifi, son cuts the power to the house. Checkmate mom.

SpaceX lost another Starship prototype. This one was a pretty solid explosion.

Starship Explosion

Have you ever been to Bermuda?

Zoom meeting murder… Yea, it’s going there.

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