TJH 732: Double Devil Horns


“I’ve never been in an all out orgy, but I have been in a room full of naked people that were having sex. “

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole comedy podcast. Mat, BJ, and Ben back with you chatting about the events of the week, including catching Covid at a swinger party, sunbathing your vagina, giant tumbleweeds, and so much more. Hit the link below for the show notes, and thanks for listening!

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After swingers convention in New Orleans, 41 test positive for coronavirus.

Model claims sunbathing vagina for 2 hours a day boosted her libido.

Hairy Weed Balls

Giants tumbleweeds have overrun a housing estate in Melbourne trapping some residents inside their homes and leaving others in fear of going outside.

Video captures FedEx driver relieving herself of more than a package.

Getting fast and furious in Britain to steal some shit.

Atlanta police say someone’s gun accidentally went off inside the Neiman Marcus store in Lenox Square, causing mall customers to run and hide for cover.

A husband went for a 280-mile walk to calm down after an argument with his wife. He then got fined for breaching coronavirus lockdown regulations.

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