TJH 774: Cuckheld

The Jamhole 774

“That’s how they get their news, can you imagine that?”

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Jamhole. It’s hard to do podcasts for fun when you do podcasts for work, but we’ll try to be more regular. If you really miss us come hang out in the new Jamhole Telegram chat. Make sure to check out the new MutantZ track over on Bandcamp while you’re waiting for the next episode.

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Happy world war 3 everyone!

Don’t ever question his loyalty, Ben is on Team America.

Mmm tiny little anal beads.

Are you up on the newest hot new hot Tik Tok trend? Remember Orbeez?

Boom goes the dynamite…

Don’t worry, the Tik Tok people will save the world. Sing it with me… We don’t fucking care!

Alright but seriously though, what’s in the box? Oh just a bunch of heads? Carry on then…

Pocket dump!

Drug crackdown happening in the UK. I don’t really know why my co hosts are bringing this sort of news to the show. Personally I expect more from them, but here we are.

Poor kitty

Don’t worry, I know we buried the lead here, but Stepan is safe. You can all calm your tits now.

Never bring a baby to a gun fight. Or a knife. There’s really several things you shouldn’t be bringing to a gun fight. But babies are definitely high on that list.

We are the MutantZ
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