TJH 775: Happy Turds

The Jamhole 775

“The culmination of 42 fucking years on this god forsaken rock, right here.”

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole! It’s been a minute, but you know the feels. Podcasting for fun just isn’t as much fun when you have a shitload of podcasts to edit for work. We’re doing the best we can though and we’ll try to be a little more regular on these before vacation time. Thanks for sticking with us!

Let’s chat about what’s been going on in my metaverse life.


If you don’t know, interns be running shit. Come check us out over at Intern Capital.


The LunaBugz mint with the Trash Clan sold out in 2 days! You can check it out here on the LPLP marketplace.

Editing queue
Rips to my free time…

Here’s what my editing queue has been looking like the last couple of days.

We are the MutantZ
We are the Mutantz!

The MutantZ track is now available on Spotify and other streaming services! Check out the MutantZ NFT project here! Check out the video they made for the track here.

Florida Bride, Caterer Arrested After ‘Pot Lasagna’ Allegedly Sickens Wedding Guests

Magic Mushrooms
Fungus Amongus

First Annual California Psychedelic Conference Highlights Influential People

Florida woman threatened to bomb hungry son’s school

Woman rescued after falling in toilet while trying to retrieve phone at top of Mount Walker in Washington State

Hey bears, come on down from there!

Homeowner discovers five bears living underneath her house

Arby’s manager charged in hot grease attack on customer in Hueytown

If you are in Austin or wanna check out the Terra dApp Expo, here’s the link. It’s June 9th and 10th.


Who wants to go to the UK in 2023 for LunaFest? Here’s the site, let’s make this happen. Here’s the link to the LunaFest podcast I’m producing.

High Sunday Please
Bar Keepers!

The Bar Keepers took a couple weeks off, but they back! Check out the latest High Sunday going over the verses of the week.

We’ve got a brand new Telegram channel for the Jamhole! Come hang out and say hi. Thi is where the live shows are happening now.

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mat lee greatest hits
Greatest Hits

The Essential Mat Lee Greatest Hits is available exclusively on Bandcamp! It’s 32 tracks of raw uncut Mat Lee hip hop.

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