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“I don’t think any drug was laced, I think he was just getting turnt.

I’m told it’s been 14 years today since we started this thing. I don’t think I’ve done anything with that much regularity, at least not for that long. It would have been disappointing if this shit ended up any other way but how it did. So I’m glad for that. It’s been well worth it so far. Thanks for listening!

Happy 14 years!

What do you know about making boxes?

Dad faces jail for shutting down town’s internet to cut kids’ screen time.

What an angel…

Ex-Angels employee Eric Kay convicted in death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs, faces minimum of 20 years in prison. Sports, for the sports enthusiast.

Did you order THC with that THAI food?

Ol Violent J back in the news.

Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J is living up to his name by threatening to send disgraced comedian Bill Cosby to hell, which some are perceiving as a thinly veiled threat to murder Bill Cosby.

Missoula showing up!

A story from Missoula Montana. Thank you for this.

Ma’am, you can’t poop there.

Banned airline passenger spits at cop, poops in patrol car after fleeing on motorized suitcase.

Jerry, Jerry!

A “Jerry Springer”-style brawl broke out at Disney World between a pair of drunken, naked sisters, culminating in the duo tussling in the bushes after one slipped on the other’s vomit.

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