TJH 782: The Rut

The Jamhole 782

“Better take my dick off your watchlist.”

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole! Mat and Ben back chatting about what the AI wants to show us for current events this week here on episode 782. The girls are back in a day or two so we’ll get shows back to the three of us. We’ll also try and get back to something that resembles a regular schedule so you guys can catch the live shows in Telegram if you want. Thanks for listening!

Bigfoot, Nazis, and Atlantis is pretty much all Ben fills his head with these days.

Are the Amish really under attack by the government? Or is this more of Ben getting his head filled with crazy shit?

Man vs Beast!

My feed is filled with food recalls and people getting fucked up by buffalo. I honestly have no clue what’s going on right now.

Follow the rainbow road.

Next up in Nazi News with Ben, someone was going around spray painting swastikas over the rainbow colored cross walks. Lucky for society, the Atlanta Police LGBTQ Liaison Unit is on the case.

Wrapping up the Nazi News section, we have a reading out of the script of the hit documentary, The Monuments Men. New York museums are required to acknowledge art stolen under Nazis, whatever the fuck that means.

Here’s the clip I was thinking about. The quote is “Fortune favors the brave.” Fuck that shit is funny.

Alec Baldwin doing some acting.

So it looks like Alec Baldwin’s conscious is catching up with him. He says that killing that woman on the set of Rust is taking years off his life. You poor fucking thing.

Leonid Radvinsky

In our Feed Crossover segment, OnlyFans goes hard in the Meta yo. Check out their guerilla marketing game which included getting their competitors stars listed on terrorist watch lists. gg.

Metaverse TV

Speaking of the metaverse, have you been to a metaverse concert yet? This year’s MTV Video Music Awards have a new category, and you guessed it! It’s the metaverse! How long till they change the M to stand for Metaverse? Place your bets!

Let’s Eat!

In our Market Research segment, Ben brings the bugs. Who’s ready to eat bugs? I mean to be fair we’ve all been eating bugs ever since mamma cracked that first Gerber jar. But like who’s ready to eat only bugs?

My feed was pretty lit this week as well. Certainly not as lit as Ben’s feed, but still fairly lit. Here’s the story I had a bad link to about the lady who fell asleep in the sun and woke up with a plastic forehead.

Dennis Rodman

Since all the politicians and trained negotiators failed, we’re sending in the big guns. Dennis Rodman is gonna go bring back Brittney.

Who likes candy?

In some drug seizure news, thousands of rainbow-colored fentanyl pills that resemble candy have been confiscated this week across the country.

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