TJH 781: Quiet Quitting


“Dinosaurs aren’t even real so I don’t know why they call it a fossil fuel.”

Thanks for checking out another episode of the Jamhole! Today we’re back with our once a month checkup on how we’re doing, and how the world is doing. From the sound of this episode, seems like the world is doing just fine and life is finally getting back on track…

Mush love y’all.

Let’s journey through the timeline of our history.

Telling a girl she should just go be a hoe isn’t great, but it’s probably more honest than telling her she can be anything she wants.

Ben tells us a story about the first DJ.


Hey murrica, what’s up with people driving through crowds running people over and shooting shit? What do you know about voice to skull tech?

Peter Griffin, former vice detective.

Let’s chat about Peter Griffin. He was a former vice detective and attorney out of San Diego, tasked with dismantling shady businesses. Then apparently he ran the businesses, until he got caught, at the ripe old age of 78.

RIP Freya
Rest in Power Freya!

This is why we can’t have nice things, and by nice things, I mean a pet walrus. Humans just couldn’t help themselves, they got too close, and this majestic beast had to be put down. Through no fault of her own. You will be missed Freya.

Ben has a lot of fun information running around that noggin of his.

The Megaflood
The Megaflood, coming soon!

If you loved the flood, you’re gonna love the megaflood! Coming soon to a coastal city near you!

Have you heard of terrain theory? Ben has…

Seattle do be looking like shit tho.


Who’s ready for the politics segment? Did you hear about the raid? Sure you did.

Ben gives us a hot take on Hitler and the SS. This will age well.

Who’s hungry?

Who’s ready for squirrel hunting season? If you live in Georgia it’s just about time. Which one is your favorite recipe?

Quiet Quitting

Do you work or are you on that quiet quit grind? The hottest new tick tock trend is here, and employers are loving it!

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