TJH 786: Really Paranoid

The Jamhole Ep 786

No matter how bad shit gets, here’s the door.

Welcome back to another episode of the Jamhole! BJ, Mat, and Ben are back for episode 786. Not a whole lot going on besides the normal grind. I’m trying to get this posted before BJ and Ben get back from Walmart with dinner. Enjoy the show!

This week!

We just broke 1,800 posts over on TerraSpaces. If you are curious what I’m doing for work these days, check it out!

This week concludes week 123 of the Bar Keepers. Still the most consistent. A title I’ll probably hold onto for quite some time.

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Bill Gates Fake Meat
Bill Gates

Shout out to my favorite assistant, NotWill. I think you and Ben are going to be good friends.

Also shout out to Eris Protocol for setting us up a dope little funding vault for TerraSpaces. Check it out here if you want to direct some yield our way!

Let’s Do Some News!

Pee Time
Don’t mind me, just pissin on my ex’s grave.

This is probably some sort of world record for longest grudge held. Dude pissing on his Ex’s grave after 48 years of being divorced.

It's what's for dinner
Let’s eat!

I’m just having a friend over for dinner, and his name is Kevin Bacon, NBD.

Ben isn’t a fan of Tesla, so to push his anti Tesla agenda, he’s brought a couple news articles. The first one is about a dude who had to pay 26k for a new battery or some shit.

Cash or charge?
Cash or Charge?

If you’re going to charge your car, make sure to do it at work so you don’t have to pay for it, a new study suggests.

Speaking of grudges, this lady smeared some shit on this other ladies’ door and door knob. Ladies showing up this week!

Peak Performance
President Biden Peak Performance

Just in case we weren’t clear on how fucked we all are, here’s a story about how our money isn’t really worth shit!

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