TJH 787: Commentary

The Jamhole Ep 787

“You know Mat, you’re way more altruistic than Gacy.”

Thanks for checking out a new episode of the Jamhole! Mat and BJ back with you after taking a month off from doing this nonsense. It’s always sad to be away, but it’s always nice to come back.

In the News

Gacy Clown
We’re all clowns here…

Serial Killer’s Sinister Clown Painting Fetches Over $12K at Auction.

Whoever smelt it dealt it…

Worker ‘was immediately incinerated’ after falling into molten iron, feds say.

Maneka Garner
Ground Beef Weaponry

Woman guilty of hitting neighbour with 10-pound ground beef stick. The video in the story is pretty epic.

Never-Before-Seen Details of Early Universe from Webb Space Telescope.

TSA: Handgun found inside raw chicken in luggage at airport.

Sonoran desert toad
Lick me, I dare you…

The National Park Service wants humans to stop licking this toad.

Convertible reported stolen in ‘92 found buried in yard of $15M mansion.

The Red Light District

Amsterdam’s multi-story ‘erotic centre’ with 100 rooms for sex, booze and health checks.

Stepdad shoots PS4 during argument with stepson, Altamonte Springs police say.

Papa Elon
Elon Musk will save the world…

Twitter pulls paid verification after impersonators flourish.

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