TJH 791: Uncut Firearms

The Jamhole Episode 791

“This is a weird hill for you to die on, I’m just letting you know.”

This week found the inhabitants gazing up more than normal. It’s a bird, no, it’s a plane! Nope. It’s not even Superman. It’s a weather balloon.

Nothing to see here…

But it seems like the papers are having a hard time agreeing on the who and the why.

Ser, we would like to speak to you…

The New York Times says it’s a Chinese spy balloon. Meanwhile, Business Insider says there’s nothing to see here, move along, it’s just some U.S. research gear.


In other news from China, they’ve successfully cloned some highly productive super cows.

The Balance

When Don went from broke pleb to king pleb and back to broke pleb again, he knew it was time to get some balance back in his life. The sort of balance that can only come from an extended vacation at a crypto addiction resort. Allow me to introduce you to, The Balance.

Free Guns!

Oklahoma City showing up this week. Sir, I just found these guns in this dumpster, and the kid there said I could take two of them home. Give me the two least destroyed ones thanks.

Chuckleheads with alligator DNA

Let me tell you a little something about eating chuckleheads. Utilizing CRSPR we’ve put alligator DNA into these catfish. It made them more resilient, but they do taste a bit on the gamey side.

Go on, tell me more…

Netflix, stop being plebs please. For how much people pay for your service, we should be able to share our password with whoever the fuck we want.

Sometimes it’s hard to contain yourself. This young gentleman here was found at a hotel running naked through the halls with a plunger. I’m sure there’s some backstory there which could possibly help make this all make sense.

Living in an old laundromat, this is the true utility.

Imagine wanting to pay 1,800 a month to live in a laundromat in NY. Oh to be young again.

Time to get liminal…

Does working at home have you unable to reach the optimal liminal space you yearn for? Science says there may be a reason why.

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