TJH 792: Pink Flags

The Jamhole Ep 792

“I tried to rape her, she raped me right back.”

This week we find our inhabitants shuffling between human instigated natural disasters, and regular old human disasters.

Some people just want to watch the world burn...
Some people just want to watch the world burn…

We’ve been seeing a lot of train wrecks lately, both metaphorically, and also literally. Humans must be dead set on completely destroying the planet we’re trying to live on.

So you guys like balloons?

Meanwhile, the governments are busy trying to distract the population by… OH LOOK A BALLOON!

Nevada has a little leaky poo in the gas lines, but apparently that’s all been sorted out and they got the green light to fire it back up… after declaring a state of emergency to get some of those sweet, sweet federal resources.

Pour one out for the Turkish homies.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Turkey got hit with a 7.8 earthquake, which led to more than 100 people detained for their roles in all the shitty building construction that contributed to the almost 30,000 death toll.

Oompa Loompa Doopity Doo. We took this fine out of your paycheck for you…

Can you say central Pennsylvania confectionary factory five times fast? Just curious. Mars Wrigley was fined $14,500 for not being safe when a couple of workers fell in a vat of chocolate.

Rest in Power and Beauty Raquel Welch!

Let’s also pour one out for ginger sex symbol Raquel Welch. The NY Times has a nice Life in Pictures here for her. Read more about her here on WMagazine.

Emotional support dogs.

Apparently it’s super healthy to be in a loving relationship and be secure enough in that relationship to be able to make your girl sleep on the couch because she snores like a rhino.

We are all Penis Man!

Penis man is back and this time he brought a Twitter fan club! TIL there’s a Penis Man fan club on Twitter.

How many of these phrases do you find yourself using in your day to day relationships? How pathetic!

Making history.

TerraSpaces may have ended up in an SEC filing. The plot gets groovy. The best part about it is that Joe’s face also ended up in the filing. Memes making memes making history.

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