TJH 794: Befriend the Robots

The Jamhole Ep 794

“Supposedly the tech doesn’t help you with depression.”

Good bye February and hello March! Today our ADHD afflicted heroes find themselves face to face with the devil.

Looks like a lovely place to work…

I’m sure you’ve all already heard about this, but I had no idea. I’m kind of regretting I know now. Here’s the video from Reddit if you think you can stomach it. Apparently Ben already knows all about this full on dong nonsense, because of course he does.

In market news, the Verge is here to let us know that the crypto collapse has reached the real financial system. Not to be confused with the other financial system that just got rekt.

RIP Tom Sizemore
RIP Tom Sizemore

Rest in power ser king Sizemore. Your celebrity rehab episodes were legendary.

Send Help!

Over to the weather desk for the Jamhole weather report. Coming out of the San Bernardino Mountains residents have taken to scrawling messages in the snow, because they need help.

Here’s the episode of Big Picture Science you should listen to if you are scared of the fungus amongus taking over our brains and shit.

This isn’t the Country Kitchen Buffet…

If this was a self driving truck, this probably wouldn’t have happened. This semi plowed through a bunch of stuff because the driver passed out.

Classic failure of the buddy system.

These two honeymooners say they were abandoned by their tour guide, and will probably get a cool 5 milly for it.

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Gen Z Starter Pack

Ol gen z is back at it again. Completely unable to comprehend anything and everything.


Montana is getting petty lately. Not specifically Montana, but the “Montanans.” Someone needs to speak to someone’s manager here.

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