TJH 795: The Liberal Mecca

The Jamhole Ep 795

“Women are the worst when it comes to murdering children.”

Continuing forward on our journey through March we find our heroes steeped in the salty slithery occult. Witches and warlocks? But this isn’t Halloween. Perhaps something more sinister? Take a listen and find out.

Fuck the police…

Does this first article make you trust the police more or less? How do the people know what to believe when people are dressing up like the cops just to rob your broke ass?

Portland living
I spy with my little eye…

Portland showing up today. If you’re gonna live in the bridge, try not to set it on fire.

Jay Leno, professional mechanic.

Speaking of things getting set on fire, did you know Jay Leno got set on fire?

Heads or Tails?

On the history section of the Jamhole today, BJ brings us a story about a hiker finding some old ass coins on a hike.

Welcome to our new alien overlords.

Shout out to the Pentagon for helping crazy people continue to be the best crazy they can. How do you feel about the mothership?

What do you know about squatters rights? Today on Living Frugal, we learn a lesson about how to claim squatters rights aka finders keepers.

I’m from Earth, just not this one.

Florida showing up! On my Earth where I’m from, we just walk around naked. Your Earth is weird.

Old Yellen

Welp that turned out to be a nothing burger… for now. At the time of writing this the USDC peg has been has basically been restored, and BTC is pumping 20%. What fucking timeline is this? At least SVB isn’t getting a bail out right?

Your right to choose…

This dude in Texas is trying to get a million from each one of his ex wife’s friends for helping her get abortion pills. This is basically reverse child support.

The Cock of the Walk…

Rounding out the show we have some cock shots, but not the kind you’re thinking of. What happens when the roosters take over Arizona?

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