TJH 796: Sargassum

The Jamhole Ep 796

“I take care of my babies, you know?”

Today we find our heroes recording a show on Tuesday, instead of the normal Sunday style podcast. That’s the beauty of the technology, life can go from a series of unfortunate events, to just one long never ending day, and back again, in the blink of an eye.

Tip o’ the Morning!

Portland once again showing up to keep shit weird. Today, in the form of a shrubbery. A girthy, thick, shrubbery. Definitely check out this video, the music makes it so much better.

You are the chosen one!

Being an archaeologist is so much cooler than sitting on spaces all day listening to virgins and furries talk about their shitty jpg investments choices. This dude found a god damn sword in a stone!

Cocaine Bear

Have you seen the movie Cocaine Bear? I always wonder when they say based on a true story, like how much of it was true? Some of that shit was pretty ridiculous and just goes to show how hard it is to come up with a good ending.

So much sargassum everywhere.

This is what happens when you use too much sargassum in your day to day life. All of our sargassum has now ended up in the ocean and it’s forming a belt longer than America. We proudly present to you, the Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt.

Scientific American has some thoughts on all this sargassum here.

Minimum Wage Around the World

If you could visualize minimum wage around the world, here’s what it would look like. Check out the full size infographic here.


It’s almost Nerf war season. Better stay strapped. Also, TIL there’s such a thing as Nerf war season.

Red Bull, gives you wings!

If you think Red Bull gives you wings, just wait till you see what it does to a stunt plane and it’s pilot! Check the video here.

How did these masks get on this mother fucking plane?

How to be a creeper 101. This is one of the reasons why I will drive, but I won’t fly anymore.

Hugs not drugs.

Apparently this whole time we just needed more hugs, not drugs. Easy mistake…

If you liked the opiate epidemic, you’re gonna love the opiate epidemic on Xylazine!

Not to be outdone by Ohio, Minnesota says hold my beer, and my radioactive waste.

What happens to your body living underwater for 100 days? This guy is about to find out… and probably become an X-Man.

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