TJH 798: Flaming Fish

The Jamhole Ep 798

“I feel like this is Looney Toons shit.”

Today our heroes are stuck in what appears to be some sort of infinite quantum feedback loop simulation. Each time we try to decipher the realness of a particular event, the more suspect it becomes. It’s just science. Stay safe out there Jamholians!

NFTs on Talis
NFTs on Talis

I try not to remember much of anything, so if we already talked about this, my apologies, but you can now get some fun NFTs we made up on Talis over on the Terra blockchain. Don’t know what any of that means? Doesn’t matter. Neither do we.

Apple Juice
Not Apple Juice
Apple Juice

Shout out to our longest listener MDS for digging through like a thousand pictures to find these gems. This is history right here. Gross, smelly, history…

The White House
The White House Bathroom

We found the perfect squatter house. Are you familiar with the White House?

When the real world meets the meta and vomits a weird synchronicity all over our faces. Remember, admins will never DM you.

Just spill that right over there, that’s fine.

You really can’t make this stuff up. Please stop hiring acme movers to move your hazardous waste. Spill me once, shame on you, spill me twice, now you have arms growing out of your head.

Super Yachts: Part of the top ten list of dopest shit you’ll never have.

How do you feel about super yachts? Google has been on a kick lately of showing me things it knows are super dope but that I’ll never get to experience. Thanks Googs!

Canadian Country Life
Oh Canada!

Turns out country living isn’t as dope as people thought it would be. It’s fun watching people learn about how hard life can actually get.

the Sinkhole is appeased

If you want the sinkhole to stop growing, you have to stop feeding it, and then make the appropriate sacrifices.

SIG Sauer
I swear, it just went off!

If you accidentally shot yourself, would you take the blame or say the gun just “went off?” Inquiring minds at SIG Sauer want to know.

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