TJH 799: Episode Death Pool

The Jamhole Ep 799

“You need a whole email for this?”

Today our heroes find themselves stuck in the spam folder. Through the magic of technology, come take a journey with us around the globe to see what’s fucked up where.

799 episodes, 42 trips around the sun, I think we’re almost to the point where an episode death pool is in order. What episode will I die by? Who knows, that’s why it’s a death pool silly.

This is fine

Speaking of death pool, have you seen the waters rising in California? Oh yea, shit is proper fucked.

Ramen is served

When ramen gets served, with a side of Yakuza, you always send your compliments to the chef…

Everything is going fine
Then it wasn’t
Yea, fucked

This skier found himself at the wrong end of a long fucking way down. Could you even Imagine the Smell™?

Straight to jail

India showing up today with a hot summer tip to keep cool in the car. Car washes hate this guy. Also, homeopathic doctors aren’t doctors.

Imagine the Smell
Imagine the Smell™

We dropped a track on 4/20 in the furry larp NFT world. You can check it out here if you know what OmniFlix is, or you can get it at ImaginetheSmell™.org and Bandcamp like normie plebs.

Shut the fuck up nerd

When a man love a woman…. Sometimes that woman is AI.

Come get your insides healed by a psychic in Portland…LOL.

This is
Super Dope

There is one thing I want for my birthday. It’s one of these bad motha fuckas.

BJ shares with us some news about a hot new Tik Tok challenge. It’s called Water Tok, and it wants you to stay hydrated.

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Imagine the Smell
Imagine the Smell™

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