TJH 802: Radiator Springs

The Jamhole Ep 802

“Stone is the bone of cities.”

Today we find our heroes well rested and ready to take on whatever weirdness this episode has to offer. Unbothered, moisturized, happy, well as happy as one can get while staying in their lane, focused and flourishing as one of the more mature and humorous podcasts still around.

the noble condor
Condor looking noble AF
Birdwatchers be like
Birdwatchers be like

First they told you birds aren’t real. Now they are saying the birds are starting to go extinct. Well, which is it?

Hey kids, can you go fetch me grand pappy’s old hand grenade… hey where’s the pin? Thank you for your service Indiana.

Big Black Jack…

Welcome to Mornington Yacht Club, today you can either sail on the “Big Black Cock” or the Screaming Seamen?

Do you validate parking?

This isn’t the Country Kitchen… The best part about this one is that her husband is the Sonoma County Sheriff. I bet that dinner discussion was awkward.

There’s a shark in the water!

Sharks are getting all bitey out there in the Florida Keys.

Cool, but where are all the ghosts?

If I had 22 milly, I don’t think a desert ghost town would be near the top of my list of things to buy.

Go check on your catalytic converter

Is your catalytic converter running? You better go catch the crack head carrying it!

Did you remember to bring your Kula pee cloth?

Hey ladies! Are you sick and tired of having to carry around a gross handkerchief to wipe up your pee pee? Well, not anymore thanks to the Kula pee cloth!

Did you know that your DNA is literally everywhere? Yea, just wait till you see the clone army!

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