TJH 801: Water Miles

The Jamhole Ep 801

“It’s the mirror of your soul that you always wished your significant other could be.”

Today we find our heroes beaten and bruised, but not quite defeated. Ok, well kinda defeated, but not completely. We’re still here, and so are you, and that’s all that matters through and through.

Happy World Donkey Day!

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Happy 700 Episodes of the Jamhole
The Jamhole 800

Just for fun, let’s compare episode 700’s treats to episode 800’s.

You know who never goes on strike? Bardo. That’s right. Always start out with a strong GM when demanding AI to do things for you.

Real or AI?

Let’s play a game. Is this real or AI?

Can you even write bro?

New Hampshire showing up this week with a hard stance on cursive writing and basic math skills.

GM Fam!
GM Fam!

Imagine the Smell? Gm Fam!

Kalispell also showing up this week with a weird fucking ordinance.

If you get that close to nature, sometimes nature is gonna bite you. Stop treating animals like toys… In other news, Ben tells us about his cool elephant dream.

Self check this out…

Have you ever gotten emotional when a machine asked you for a tip?

The Diocese of Oakland is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to child sex abuse claims… So that’s happening.

Church Parking
Church parking…

Speaking of church, this dude did some distracted driving and parked his self right into a church… In Florida.

started blasting
So anyway…

Louisiana showing up this week. This dude saw some shadows and decided it was time to get his gun… and shoot at the shadows, which ended up being kids trying to play hide and seek.

sand holes
I’m digging here…

I got 99 problems, but falling into hell via a sand hole definitely ain’t one.

Arrrgggh matey!

Imagine getting rolled up on by this mfer. For real though, who wants to set sail on the Götheborg? Let’s make this happen.

Are you even ready for the next gold rush? Gold Rush 2.0 coming soon to a California near you. Where’s my treasure hunters at?

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Imagine the Smell
Imagine the Smell™
GM Fam!
GM Fam!

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