TJH 808: Little Buddha

The Jamhole Ep 808

“Why would you go to a concert during active shooter season?”

Today our heroes find themselves in a space, the final frontier… Actually if this is the final frontier we’re all more fucked than we first thought. Regardless, this is the first and hopefully last Jamhole live space on X. It was just as much of a shit show as you’re thinking it was.

Let’s welcome bruceman to the Jamhole. He usually larps as the TerraSpaces CFO. Today he’s larping as a comedian.

Did we all get our dose of 5G activated Marburg virus?

Active shooter season has started here in the US so make sure to strap up if you go outside!

Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel say the gang has purportedly sworn off sales of fentanyl.

You’ve heard of sun bathing, but what do you know about moon bathing?

Lots of interestingly gross news coming out of Hollywood lately. Usually regarding old fat white men trying to get young actresses to do naughty things for a role in a film. But this time, it was a little different.

Oregon showing up just to keep you smiling. Have you ever seen Smiley Face Hill?

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