TJH 809: Operation Clean Slate

The Jamhole Ep 809

“Geo politics are rough if you’re not directly involved.”

Today our heroes find themselves at the precipice of what could possibly be yet another unending religious war started by people who can’t seem to be reasonable. No matter which invisible friend you talk to, we should at least agree that war is only good for the people who create the war machines. It’s literally the worst for everyone else involved. So chill y’all. Smoke some weed, eat some bacon, get some head (not that kind), and calm the fuck down.

Israel Palestine Conflict

PZ Myers wrote a post about this whole Palestine Israel kerfuffle on his blog, Pharyngula. The comments are also quite enlightening.

So how’s your day going? How’s the new Door Dash job?

That's a nice tractor

Pennsylvania showing up today with a tractor driver getting arrested twice in the same day for drunk driving… the tractor.

Picked my pocket in WeHo

You haven’t lived until you’ve gotten your pocket picked in WeHo.

don't drink bleach

These Florida bros got 151 months in prison for tricking plebs into buying their bleach, thinking it would cure all their ailments.

naples volcano

Bjizzle found an article about traveling to Naples. Are you trying to tell me something? Is this where you want to go on our next vacation?

In other news, I should have been a volcanologist. Sounds like such a bad ass job.

Portland once again showing up with a rather large drug and firearm bust. Except it’s not an article. Thanks Bjizzy.


If you want to buy some 23andMe data, apparently “hackers” are selling a bunch of it online.

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