TJH 813: Dependent Preposition

The Jamhole Ep 813

“Do you think it’s just a sound they get sick of?”

Today our heroes are starting off the week with a simple question.

Who wore it better?
Who wore it better?
puffy coat
with the fur…

Did y’all ever get into puffy coats? Yea, I didn’t either.

right on red
Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t see your giant trash truck there.

No more right turn on red? I’m sorry, I thought this was America.

I’ve been super into Disasters at Sea lately. It’s the next logical step after binging on Deadliest Catch and basically becoming a crab boat captain.

whale sinking boats
Aww, you sunk my battleship…

What’s the deal with all these orca’s fucking up all these boats?

elementary school custodian in Cumberland County
You want the mash with or without ball sweat?

This dude in Jersey working as an elementary school custodian in Cumberland County, was busted doing nasty shit with the food and utensils.

blackface or nah
This alright or nah?

A teacher in Antioch pissed off some people when she put black makeup on to make her scooby mystery machine costume.

There’s a lot of movies you just couldn’t make these days. Is that good or not really? Can we still laugh? Is it actually still ok to laugh at stuff?

40 million to get shot by a six year old?

How many armed 6 year olds could you take on before they took you out? The answer for this teacher, is just one.


Let us never forget the hit film featuring Mr. Wood, and the Culkins. The Good Son.

The rich people are building a utopia, and you aren’t invited.

The Pleb Bookclub is now reading Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond.

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Little Nightmares

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