TJH 817: Raw Uncut Live Action

The Jamhole Ep 817

“Not me with the clown wig, and also not me with the titties.”

Today our heroes are finally feeling well enough to sit in front of microphones and talk. Getting sick when you’re older is a completely different game than when you’re younger. This chest cold came through and straight up rekt our whole damn house. We’re all good now though, and hopefully back to our weekly episodic journey through the madness that is 2023.

Clown Ass Shit House
C.A.S.H. (Clown Ass Shit House)

Not only did C.A.S.H. (Clown Ass Shit House) drop as an NFT on the Stargaze blockchain, it’s also now available on Bandcamp! You can find all the new web3 music over on

Anti Vaccine Rally
RIP Anti Vaccine Rally

YouTube is finally going through the back catalog. The all knowing algorithm was apparently not impressed with our satirical antivaxxer interviews from 2009. I did find the anti abortion protest protest videos though!

Ohio showing up this week with some potential Dr. Strangelove Red Dawn shit happening at a school.

Shane James JR
Active Shooter Season

Remember boys and girls, it’s still active shooter season! Are you familiar with Shane James Jr.? He worked at a couple shooting ranges then lost his shit one day shooting up shit from San Antonio to Austin.

Night Shooting
Active Shooter Season doesn’t sleep…

It’s such an active shooter season, people are actively getting shot while in their sleep! What fucking timeline did we wake up in this time?

Burning Car Filled With Hundreds Of Rounds Of Ammunition Opens Fire On Firefighters Trying To Extinguish Its Blaze
Burning Car Filled With Hundreds Of Rounds Of Ammunition Opens Fire On Firefighters Trying To Extinguish Its Blaze

Rounding out our coverage of all the crazy shooting shit for active shooter season, a car caught on fire after a little accident, and it just so happened to have some ammo in the trunk, which then started going pew pew.

Fortnite Lego 911
Never Forget!

What’s the first thing you build when playing the new Fortnite Lego mode? That’s right, 9-11. Check out the video here on X.

Brain Organoids
Brain Organoids

If you think about it, we’re all just brain organoids and shit. This one happened to sprout some eyes… sort of.

My future compound...
My future compound…

I found another dope island Tank should think about purchasing so that we can live there. Other than being in Florida, it’s pretty much perfect. Prime real estate as they say.

Longevity guru Dan Buettner
Dan is gonna tell us how to be happy…

Let’s discuss the eight habits of the happiest people on the planet.

Reddit Sauce
Redditor Sauce on a clamshell… 36 tugs worth.

How do you feel about clamshelling your lotion bottles? Also, what’s up with Reddit and it’s lotion usage?

Get Naked!
Get Naked!

My question is why the fuck were they trying to put a playground by the nude beach? Seems like a weird sus ass move.

Stolen shit
So much stolen shit…

What’s up with the 15 people just hanging out at the trap? Don’t be committing felonies while you’re out committing felonies.

It's tough being a millennial...
It’s tough being a millennial…

Millennials like the idea of living on farms, but not so much in practice.

Score one for the squatters. If you wanna come out on top, this is how you do it.

Holy Mackerel!
Holy Mackerel!

To wrap it up, let’s discuss why all the fish are dying in Japan.

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Take the Money
Take the Money
Clown Ass Shit House
Imagine the Smell
Imagine the Smell™
GM Fam!
GM Fam!
Little Nightmares
Little Nightmares

Check out the first of four EP’s released by Finn Martin AKA Mat Lee and RAC FM Records.
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