TJH 818: The Vibes

The Jamhole Ep 818

“I’ve managed to weaponize music and NFTs here.”

Today our heroes find themselves wrapped up in shiny spirits, sliding head first off the mountain pass of Christmas and into the hearts and minds of the next generation for the new year. Today we start the show off with some info about the C.A.S.H. mint. There’s about ten hours remaining at the time this was published.

Clown Ass Shit House
C.A.S.H. (Clown Ass Shit House)

Not only did C.A.S.H. (Clown Ass Shit House) drop as an NFT on the Stargaze blockchain, it’s also now available on Bandcamp! You can find all the new web3 music over on

Shout out to everyone who minted their copy of Clown Ass Shit House! I appreciate your support. Work has also been started on EP 3, which will feature High Sunday.

The Jamhole was started in 2008. We’ve seen a lot of crazy shit come and go during that time. Shout out to all the legit OG Jamholians out there. So far there’s 2 that have reached out. Swing by Jamholia TG and say hi!

Speaking of OGs, Berger writes in to let Ben know how fucked his luck is.

The recent episode of South Park (Not Suitable for Children) is now out on Paramount Plus, and simply put, it’s brilliant. Check out the trailer here.

Time for Finn’s get off my loan moment!

On today’s episode of Trip or Flip, I asked Bardo to compile a list of the top ten most insane events of 2023. Everything from the spicy chicken feeding frenzy, delivery drones crashing into heads, Russia “accidentally launching some missiles, an octopus with escape issues, Mount Fagradalsfjall in Iceland blowing, and a bunch of other shit that may or may not have happened.

I’d like to propose a few changes for 2024. Let’s slowly incorporate parrots into congress, then slowly phase out the politicians.

Thar she blows
Thar she blows…

In our continuing coverage of this years “Active Shooter Season,” Prague is showing up with the worst mass shooting in their country’s history that left 14 dead and dozens injured.

All the trash…

What did they expect the outcome would be after hundreds of years of burying our shit?

Meth flavored jalapeños!
Meth flavored jalapeños!

10 milly worth of meth found in the jalapeños. It’s always in the jalapeños.

RIP Matthew Perry
RIP Matthew Perry

RIP Matthew Perry. Imagine finding an awesome drug that totally helps you deal with your alcoholism and your depression, but then it slays you via your weak ass kidneys.

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Take the Money
Take the Money
Clown Ass Shit House
Imagine the Smell
Imagine the Smell™
GM Fam!
GM Fam!
Little Nightmares
Little Nightmares

Check out the first of four EP’s released by Finn Martin AKA Mat Lee and RAC FM Records.
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