Ep 248: Man Period


“Mat has had more fingers up his butt than I have.”

I honestly don’t know what to type right now, the closer it gets the live show, the quickly it becomes the only thing I’m thinking about. Well, that and my penis of course. But really, I only think about that when I’m peeing, or pooping. Ever since the beginning of the jamhole, I’ve made it my goal to put as much effort into it as I would want someone else to put into something I listen to. If no one gave a shit about the podcasts they do, we’d all still be listening to terrestrial radio. We wouldn’t have made the connections we have made, and the overall quality of life would be lower. Each different podcast has it’s own personality, it’s own life, and that’s something people really pick up on in this modern age we try to live in. It’s cool, we enjoy it, and I’m really excited for September 25th. The cool thing about it is probably going to be the fact that I have to work like it’s any other day, while the rest of you are here hanging out enjoying the sunshine. Regardless, it’s going to be a good show, and I hope to see you all there. I should probably do the notes now.

  • I would like to welcome Brayden back to the show, I would also like to welcome the fan that came the farthest to see us, Mds. Holla!
  • I’m Playing musical buttholes. I really just do that to annoy danni.
  • Having to go to the urologist sucks. That’s why we have WebMD. I bet if I could use WebMD during the tests, I could totally be a doctor.
  • I’m really not looking forward to putting really hot towels on my penis.
  • Pick and you will be picked on.
  • Infected is awesome, and you should probably buy it.
  • Draining the lizard…
  • Falling asleep while listening to porn, I’m sure that’s good for you.
  • Is that super mario brothers 3 or super mario world?
  • Having car insurance does have its perks, especially if someone puts sugar in your gas tank.
  • Lets play domestic dispute. If the cops get called, I win!
  • Lets read a page out of the peta files. Why are hospitals hurting kittens?
  • If you’re the oldest person in the room, raise your hand.
  • John Stokes, that sucks dude, should have gotten out while you had the chance. Although I will be sad to see it go just because I met holly there way back when, and that was a decent sized part of my life.
  • Get your jamhole church stickers, or get them at the live show!
  • Your not responsible enough to have sex with someone not related to you Alabama, so no more sex privileges.
  • Making it in the real world sucks, even if you’re French. It’s tough to turn a profit. Keep those call times low.
  • If you cheat, don’t confess unless you want the break up. Honk if I deserve a second chance. Poor dumb bitches.
  • The down low on Brayden. This is probably why he quit.
  • Remember, if you wanna have dinner with us all before the live show, be at Annas Italian Grill at 8pm.
  • What the fuck is catting?
  • You can’t fuck HAHAHA. It’s not as funny as it sounds.
  • You got knocked the fuck out… By a chick! I guess that’s ok, but only because you’re gay, and she’s a defense expert. IN THE FACE!!!
  • Win the 120 gig ipod. Contest ends Sunday!
  • Come party with us Friday! Episode 250 is THIS FRIDAY. There will not be a show on the feed, but we will have be taping the show.

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