Ep 430: Rest In Peace Ryan Micklewright


“Please make sure Sam knows I love him and teach him¬†forgiveness, cuz that was one thing i was never able to do.”

I met Ryan a couple years ago when he first started working at the water shop. I’ve seen him just about every day since. Until Sunday. The first show he was ever on is episode 187, then episodes 239, 414, and 420. Go listen to those if you wanna see what was up with him, or remember him. I remember him every day he doesn’t come to work. I remember him every day I drive by the VFW, or clock in, or smoke pot. It’s weird not only losing a friend, but losing someone you work with. When you work with someone like that you really get to know them. They tell you things. You try to help the best you can, but sometimes they have to make the choice to be helped. Sounds like stupid addiction counseling. You have to make the choice to stop doing drugs. Duh! But I like doing drugs. That’s the whole point. Anyways,

  • Let’s welcome Brayden, Kevin, Eric, and Kelly to the Jamhole studio. This is a slightly different Jamhole ep. Our good friend Ryan killed himself a couple days ago. That’s why there was no show. That’s why this show is this show. We talk about how we heard he was dead, what we think about it, and how it feels. This is a pretty emotional ep, especially if you knew him. I’m really glad to have this recorded.
  • There has been a fund setup for Sam, Ryan’s two year old son. If you would like to donate to this at any time, email info@thejamhole.com and I will get you the info. Also, for the month of December, all donations the Jamhole and Hot Box podcasts get will go into that fund. ALL OF THEM. So if you want to help, toss us a donation.
  • Rest in Peace Ryan. We will always miss you.
  • John Ryan Mickelwright was born March 31st 1982 in Davenport Iowa. Hey died November 28th 2010 in Kalispell Montana. You would have laughed if you saw the picture of you they used. I hope the after life is way cooler than this life is.

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