Ep 443: Brink of Insanity


“I am super stoked to get my motor skills back, YAY!”

Ok then, let’s get back in the swing of things. I got a bit behind on these notes, but we’re catching up. If you ever want to be a guest writer to help me out with some of these show note intro’s, email info@thejamhole.com and let me know. It’s showtime!

  • Brayden again joins us in the Jamhole for a little post new years party white rush wrap up. I would like to apologize for part 3, that was my bad. Sometimes you have to get to that brink, just so you can bring it back and put your life back in order.
  • See, I’m smarter than you might think sometimes. At least when it comes to MDHP. I watched them and read trip reports, and that was enough to make me not want any part of that shit. Danni is still feeling it. Not in a good way. Oh well, at least someone enjoyed the shit. These two sure did at first, but we could all do without the legs. Basically towards the end it makes you want to die. That’s a fun drug right?
  • Also I’ll go ahead and put my I told you so here in the notes, because I told you Ambien wasn’t going to put you to sleep. I’m smart about some shit, and that is the shit you should listen to me when I speak about it.
  • I can go from sleep to full boner in .3 seconds. Who mentioned sex? Check out my dick!
  • Let’s all listen while Brayden completely blows up my spot. Not the spot I was… Oh just forget it.
  • If you want to read the full trip report Danni “wrote” (if you can call it a trip report), for theĀ show notes of part 2.
  • I found the teddy bear picture Danni was talking about. She drew it in my Hot Box notebook. I’ll post a picture of it for you all.
  • Peace out Brayden, come back anytime now ya hear?
  • Don’t ever edit your podcast while you are either full on asleep, or in the process of nodding out. I should have just left it so you guys could enjoy my fuck up. But I couldn’t stand it.
  • Waking up to Oprah’s takeover of the Discovery Channel, no good. But the remote is so far away. Hey, we started out with a bullshit talk show too, where the fuck is our media empire? In a fight between Oprah and John Travolta, we’re pretty certain she would destroy him.
  • There has been fuck all on tv lately, so I went on a reality tv show binge. Let me introduce you to these toddlers, who are wearing tiara’s. We like to call it ped-candy. Do you have any idea what is going on in the bible belt south? What a bunch of amazing human beings. You are getting paid because you are good at putting makeup on your 4 year old. WOW! At least Hookers Saved on the Strip won’t have any shortage of hookers. We mainly focus on the hookers and the toddlers. Is that weird? Fucking choosy Susy’s…
  • Let me break down the pimp game for you all. We should all watch Hookers Saved on the Strip. We should try and interview the chick from Hookers for Jesus. How fucking fun would that be? Also, let’s go through some stats. You’ve been knocked up 10 times, with 7 abortions and 3 miscarriages, and NOW you want a baby? He works in mysterious ways doesn’t he? I’m going to guess maybe you shouldn’t have a child. Your doctor and your cervix agree.
  • The movie Danni was talking about is called Life is Hot in Cracktown. We talk about this in the next episode. Wow.
  • So I have a friend named Kiesha, who eats toilet paper… Can I have a show? Let’s talk about my strange addiction. This is a fanstastic show. I’m sure we’ll talk about it more on the show.
  • If you live in the Bible Belt, and you ARE NOT a complete fucking retard, email info@thejamhole.com. So far we haven’t gotten any emails, so I’m going to stick with my first thought. You are all stupid down there. It’s not your fault, I blame the church.
  • I <3 Sluts. I also <3 the chick that was driving the car with that bumper sticker on it.
  • Hey, did Noah need 150 million dollars to make his ark? Of course not, then why do you? Noah had god on his side, and so do you, so what’s the problem?
  • Hey, swerve and hit that person… Oh nevermind, it’s just a blow up doll. That’s one of the oldest tricks in the book.
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