Ep 462: God Yes


“I’m so glad I don’t have religion in my life.”

Let’s write some notes then shall we? I’m kind of nervous, I think my grandfather is on his way to join us on the show. If you haven’t figured out, for the most part I write these notes the day of the next episode. Does that make sense at all? Whatever, doesn’t matter. I have like ten other things I need to be doing right now, and this doesn’t rank that high up on my list. Enjoy the notes.

  • For his first ever appearance on the Jamhole, let’s give a nice warm welcome to Robby. I met Robby at the Get Poetry open mic. I got the footage from the Valentine’s Day poetry slam on the poetry video playlist. Go to thejamhole.com/poetryvids or click here. Currently, we have over 4 hours of open mic poetry goodness.
  • Performing in front of people is akin to getting high on good drugs. There’s nothing quite like it in the world. Except for of course, the rush of being up in front of everyone and totally forgetting your words.
  • Back from the dead, our long lost friend AmHam calls in. Even though we’ve done it before, unfortunately due to budget cuts, we are no longer able to start the show over once it begins. I’m very sorry everyone. Make sure you are on time.
  • Thanks Twitter for finally getting Twidroyd back up and running. If you want to read more about this, check out the show notes for episode 461. I should have probably checked in to rehab for this. Just goes to show you how largely intertwined in our lives these devices are becoming. Some say, it’s already too late.
  • Here is the video I was talking about with Robby reading poems to everyone at the poetry slam off his Droid X. You can also see the winners of the Valentine’s Day poem contest.
  • Robby shares a poem with us. This is the A to Z partial list of objects used to transport opium and heroin. Let’s see you do an A to Z poem that isn’t lame. This is a glimpse inside the mind of a ADD poet. Throw enough shit at the wall, some of it sticks.
  • Let’s discuss the movie Religulous. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to finally watch it. What can I say, I’m a busy dude. I can’t tell you how happy this movie made me. There are few things more rewarding in life then questioning someone’s core belief system and watching them awkwardly squirm as they try to rationalize it to themselves. You believe in silly shit, just apologize, take a few science and skepticism classes, and let’s move the fuck on with our lives.
  • Thanks to Berger for sending in this story. Anonymous is setting their sites on Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church. I’d just like to take this moment to point and laugh. Freedom of speech is awesome, but if you piss off the wrong people with your hate speak, then prepare to suffer the consequences. The Jamhole salutes you Anonymous. Notice how long it takes for the god hates fags website the church runs to load. It wouldn’t even load for me when I wrote this. Nice work guys!
  • Let’s talk about Jews and the Jew fish. Are there still Palestinians around? I don’t think I’ve seen any in a long time. We can all agree, Fresh Life Church is a creepy cult. I really wish you would stop brainwashing these poor kids with lies. And people worry about medical marijuana hurting their kids, they should focus on these people filling their heads with lies.
  • Fuck you Oprah for ruining Discovery Health. Speaking of health, let’s talk about 12 amazing facts about your body you probably didn’t give a shit about.
  • Be careful while sucking that cock, it could give you throat cancer. Just kidding, where are my smokes at? You would think god would have given women a strong body too. God’s a dick. Just what we need, a story giving girls another excuse not to suck your cock.
  • Redfox from Sporkroast calls in to congratulate us on the third year anniversary of the Jamhole. Better late then never. You rock! If you wanna see the proposal, check out the Jamhole 404 page.
  • Why did you cut that child’s genitals? Oh right, because you went to kick that ball but instead you kicked the child. Woops!
  • A story that hits a little close to home. Why did you fuck your neighbor’s chihuahua? That’s just mean. The guy looks super proud in his mug shot.
  • Hey Detroit, closing half of your schools isn’t going to solidify a good future. Just saying, you should be on your hands and knees that your children learn as much as they can so they can figure out a way to save your dying city. Oh yea, it’s called legalize marijuana.
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