Ep 494: Pass the Blame


“It led to booty, but no one wanted to dig.”

Here we are back again, slowly reaching for that awesome 500 episode number, both hands sweaty in anticipation. Very exciting. Some of you have been with us since the beginning, through the good times and the bad, the funny and the not very funny at all. Some of you saw us hit episode 100 like a BOSS! Some of you watched in amazement as we hit episode 300 and became spartans. It’s cool that in these oh so uncertain and perilous times we live in, no matter what shitty thing happens to you or people you know, or Japan, you can always (usually) count on one thing to remain the same. If you go to Jamhole TV on any Monday Wednesday or Friday around 7pm PT. 10pm ET., chances are pretty good that you will catch us doing another episode of this organic eco friendly green beast we have all come to know and love as The Jamhole.

  • Let’s welcome Robby and his tiny little bladder back to the Jamhole studio. You can be sure that at some point and time in this episode, Robby spits some poetry.
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  • What is this, a negotiation? Ok, I’ll give you a fishing trip completely bitch free, as long as when we get home, you reward me with a blowjob. How am I supposed to learn if you don’t use positive reinforcement? Duh!
  • I hate asking you guys to help support the show you listen to, but it’s draining our resources. If you enjoy the show, please help us pay the show bills!
  • This is the last week of Jamhole episodes before the rapture! Friday May 20th we will be bringing you live rapture coverage, podcasting live all the way through the rapture on Saturday, May 21st. Send in your rapture related stories to info@thejamhole.com or post in the rapture thread on the Jamhole forums. Get ready for the biggest “I told you so!” IN HUMAN HISTORY! This is going to be epic. They are so certain it’s going down Saturday.
  • Hey, remember JAPAN? Yea, they are still having some hellish nuclear meltdown problems. Good thing the rapture is coming right? I wonder how many older people laugh to themselves thinking that payback for Pearl Harbor has finally been served.
  • The first few stories all have a theme. That theme, is Bitches be Trippin! If you were a woman, and you had to hide a knife, where would you hide it? Only one spot, the VAGINA! Sometimes these news stories make me smile. Sometimes they make me cry. This is one that makes me smile.
  • This is why you absolutely CANNOT procrastinate when you’re pregnant. If you don’t get that abortion soon, you’ll have to do it yourself like this woman. Props for taking the initiative. Most women here would have the baby then run straight for the welfare line.
  • When you live in the suburbs and owe someone money, they send you disembodied dog heads as a friendly reminder. This woman figured she would take her dog head out for a walk. I have a feeling the dog head wasn’t house broken. Just kidding, she actually killed her own dog, then took the head for a walk.
  • According to Danni, this is just another normal weekend down south. Maybe you shouldn’t have put the video of your dog killing the pig on your Facebook. Now that’s some redneck shit to do.
  • If you have to take a drug test, you might want to think twice about cutting the cheese! WANKY WANK!!! Anyways, cheese shows up as cocaine on a drug test. Be careful out there!
  • If you are going to take a trip off the deep end, so to speak, make sure you can handle it. Changing your mind’s reality that drastically doesn’t come with it’s own weird set of unforgiving consequences. If you have to ask yourself if you are ready to trip, then the answer is no, you are NOT ready to trip. Also, you shouldn’t be driving if you are detoxing so hard you are hallucinating. You did WHAT with a power drill? Nice trip bro! See you next fall.
  • If the ceiling is sagging, chances are there is something gross, and decomposing on the other side, just waiting to explode all over and into your mouth. I quit!
  • Even Olympic runners aren’t safe from the wrath of a woman. Also, if you are going to cheat, cheat smart. Especially if you are an Olympic track star. You might be fast, but you can’t outrun a woman’s anger.
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